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    Hunt of the Colossus


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    Hunt of the Colossus Empty Hunt of the Colossus

    Post by LibertyGear on 13th August 2019, 4:40 pm

    There she was, in the middle of nowhere, exactly where she was supposed to be, but considering what she was seeing, where she wishing she was as far away as possible.

    Libbier had received a letter from her new guild master, stating that her exam to increase her rank would be to hunt a golem in the jungle. Nothing out of the ordinary, she thought, for a guild that, from the words of its own master, followed the rules of the jungle where only the strong survive. But nothing prepared her to what she was witnessing.

    "A golem?", Lib questioned herself, "How is THAT a golem? That's a FREAKING MOUNTAIN!!!"

    Indeed, her target who was currently in the process of standing up was casting a shadow so long Lib initially though the weather had changed. Massive didn't begin to describe it and Lib was supposed to take it down.

    "Do I really have to deal with this thing?", Lib asked, with a fed-up tone, to no one in particular, as she equipped her rifle and thought about the contents of her exam.

    As Lib was considering her options, as the giant golem, now fully up, looked at her and raised its sword-like arm up high, before performing a slow, but absurdly strong, downward swing.

    "Well, its a pain in the ass... BUT MIGHT AS WELL GOO ALL OUT!!!", Lib shouted as her hair and eyes changed to a blood-red color.

    As the sword came down on her, Lib used Fire Thruster to enhance her speed and Left Eye of the Dragon to get a better look at her opponent. The plan was dodging by a paper-thin margin and use the sword arm to scale up the body. However, Lib underestimated the mass of the swing coming down on her, and as soon as it missed and hit the ground, the resulting aftershock threw Lib away like a ragdoll, along with a lot of debris.

    Lib ended with her face squarely planted on the ground, before getting up and brushing the dust off her clothes.

    "Well, that totally didn't go as expected.", Lib grumped to herself, as she turned back to face her opponent again and added with a smirk, "If I can't go up, then I will just have to bring it down to my level."

    Of course, during this time, the golem was not standing still and another swing, this time a horizontal one was already on its way towards Lib, destroying any tree or rock that happened to be on its way.

    "Ice Prison!", Lib threw an ice spell with the intention of catching the incoming attack or at least slow it down, "Ice Prison! Ice Prison! ICE PRISON!", she shouted as she recast the spell a few more times to ensure its effectiveness.

    The ice balls landed on the incoming sword, creating ice bars that engulfed their target as best as they could. Naturally, the first one barely affected the sword's momentum, but as the second and third hit, the sword began to lose speed considerably and with the fourth, it came crashing down as the ice's strength and weight pulled the sword to the ground causing it to come to a halt.

    Libbier didn't waste time and immediately used the chance to use Firestorm on her immobile target. And the Golem, despite being absurdly huge, also became an absurdly large target which took the full brunt of the fire tornado that engulfed it.

    Bursts of flames began to come out of Lib's body.

    "Hell, yeah! About damn time.", Lib said as she focused the bursts into single directed streams, and took flight.

    Using the air advantage, Lib began to rain down attacks from her rifle from above as to wear down on her target but was perplexed to find that no matter how much she unloaded on the golem, it did not seem to be taking much damage, if any at all. As the firestorm dispelled, Lib could clearly see that the Golem's body was barely damaged.

    This caught her by surprise.

    "Does this thing have magic immunity?", Lib thought, "No if it was that it would not be affected by ice prison and wouldn't have scorch marks from the firestorm."

    Suddenly, the golem's right arm shot up, swatting Lib from the sky as if she was an annoying fly, bringing her came crashing down, creating a crater on impact with the floor, her rifle landing a few meters away.

    "Ouch.", Lib complained as she quickly got back on her feet, "So you are going to be like that eh?", she asked while giving graces to her endurance, "Fine by me, I will just peel that magic resistant skin like an onion and hit you directly in the core."

    The Golem was already raising its hand once again, with the intention of squishing Lib like an insect, considering the size of the hand, but this time Lib was ready for it, as she equipped her tri-shield and activated Power Burst. The sudden increase in strength caused her skin to slowly begin to crack, but she paid no heed.

    As the hand came down, Lib took it head-on, activating the shield's abilities and using her own muscles to force it to a halt. It was a contest of strength, and there was no way Lib was going to be able to last long in it, but then again she didn't need to.

    The hand was heavy and both her shield and her muscles were visibly straining under the stress but Lib drew her breath in and...

    "MAGMA DRAGON ROAR!!!", she shouted as a powerfull blast forced the halted hand back a few meters.

    Taking the change, Lib jumped over the hand and flew in a rush towards the golem's chest, crashing into it with a powerful impact.

    Summoning Wraith on the spot, to further increase her strength, Lib began to literally rip the chest of the golem out piece by piece. And as big as it was, it was slow enough to not be able to react in time for Lib to reach the core.

    "I guess this is it? No more magic resistance crap.", Lib said as she pulled her hand back and a Spear of Destruction appeared on it, "BEGONE!"

    Thrusting the spear forward, a magic circle created by Wraith further increase the Spear's power which then slammed dead on into the core.

    As if a toy that lost its batteries, the golem came to a halt, momentarily standing like a statue, before beginning to crumble.

    Lib flew back to get away from the falling debris, landing near her fallen rifle, her breath ragged and her body battered. Her air color turning back to a bright blue from its previous red.

    "I seriously hope, I don't need to carry some sort of proof of victory.", she complained as she saw massive boulders falling down from the sky like rain, before grabbing her rifle and making her way back to the guild to report, and buying some well-deserved sweets.


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