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    Spectra's B-Rank Exam

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    Spectra's B-Rank Exam Empty Spectra's B-Rank Exam

    Post by Spectra Vondergeist on Sun 11 Aug - 23:24

    Spectra's B-Rank Exam Tenor

    "Do you know how terrifying ghosts are?"

    Spectra had done a lot for Fairy Tail during her short time in the guild and she was rising through the ranks at an incredible speed. She couldn't help but feel that she was the guilds saving grace. She had witnessed how low it had sunk in years of late, the members all feel a little short and none of them impressed her. Even the guild masters. It was sad how something that was once powerful and revered is not nothing more than well, whatever it might be considered today, which was definitely not anywhere near what it was back then.

    But, she could still grow! And that was exactly why Mura had sent her a letter. Apparently he was on a job or something and couldn't give her the exam himself but Spectra was fine with that. She wasn't particularly fond of Mura, even though he was older than her she felt that age was a big part of being a guild master. No teenager could have that much experience. With leaders like that in charge it was no wonder Fairy Tail had fallen down hill. Opening the message, it read.

    "Hi Spectra. Ever seen the portal down at the basement at the guild hall? Enter it and then find a good place to sit down. You'll enter a new world where your exam will start from. Objective: find spirit animal.

    - Mura"

    It enticed Spectra, and not just because she wanted access to higher paying jobs. Her spirit entering a whole new world?  She could already astral project so this would come naturally to her, it'd be like second nature. A piece of cake! In fact, she was surprised she never heard about it before. The guild seemed to have a lot of secrets Spectra didn't know about, not that she really cared to learn then anyway. Fairy Tail was just a stepping stone on her way to greatness, one could say that she was using it, as she had no interest in staying forever.

    But might as well have fun while it lasts! Skipping over to the basement and down the stairs she saw the glowing portal. She had heard from the grapevine that Fairy Tail had a private island that only they knew existed, called Tenrou and she could only assume that this is where the portal would take her. Hopping through, it gave her a weird feeling. Teleportation. Yuck. She couldn't really see the appeal, it just gave her butterflies, but when she looked up she wasn't in the basement anymore, she was on Tenrou island! It wasn't anything special.

    Sighing she took a seat on a nice looking rock, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. When she opened her eyes, the world appeared different. This was the spirit realm. She saw hundreds of lost souls, people who had died but never managed to move on in the afterlife. She didn’t really care about them. She had a goal and she wasn’t going to let these losers distract her from reaching it, no matter how loud they called out for help!

    That was when she saw the tail of a lemur! The only animal in this pool of desperation. It had to be it, her familiar spirit! Flying after it she was quickly stopped by several blue wisps. Their faces appeared old and wrinkled, they hadn’t aged well! Not at all. They seemed angry about something, and began to gripe at her about this and that. Spectra didn’t really care about anything they had to say and chose to ignore them and keep going but as she traveled, chasing that lemur, more and mor wiisps gathered! So many that she could no longer ignore them.

    “Ugh! You’re all obsessed with me!” Spectra whined, creating multiple ghosts from her palms that all flew towards the wisps and once close enough exploded. Destroying them. This caught the Lemur’s attention and it came hopping towards Spectra. It seemed that it thought she was a threat before, but now she had gained  its trust and connected with it. “Lead the way!” Spectra said playfully, she enjoyed her spirit animal. It’s big round eyes and unique call reminded her of both ghosts and herself! It couldn’t have been more perfect.

    The lemur pointed left and Spectra turned roaming through with no goal in sight until she heard a loud oink and then a hiss? Right in front of her was a pig with Jacqueline's face and a Spider with Ariadne’s! Honestly it didn’t look much different from how Spectra initially imagined them and she quickly caught onto the realms tricks that whatever she imagined had the potential to spring to life if it wasn’t already here. With no time for playing she sent a few explosive ghosts towards her friends counterparts and continued on.

    Eventually, a more challenging opponent appeared. A giant wolf who could be described as nothing less than the guardian of Tenrou. If it wasn’t for Spectra’s arrogance, she would have been startled but she knew that just like normal people, this wolfs spirit could be destroyed. From her hand she released a singular negative ghost that flew right through the wolf and immediately it rolled over on it’s side, feeling weak and puny. Spectra and the Lemur laughed as they ran right past him. That was easy.

    “Not so fast!” Someone said, the voice sounding oddly familiar. Ghosts flew towards Spectra and bound her, when she looked up it was… herself? Except with blue hair and a frilly little girl dress. She couldn’t believe this! Was it.. Her opposite? “I wasn’t sure… that would work.” That answered everything. Spectra was always sure it would work! This was nothing more than an imposter. With the sudden realization she broke free from her enemies magic with relative ease. “You look terrible! Blue doesn’t suit us.” Spectra exclaimed, creating a giant ghost that flew towards her doppelganger and exploded, defeating her duplicate with a snap of her fingers, literally.

    And then, she was awake! Right back in the Fairy Tail basement as if it was just a dream.

    WC: 1,024/1,000


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