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    The Star, The Witch and the Key

    Samira Nassar
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    The Star, The Witch and the Key - Page 2 Empty Re: The Star, The Witch and the Key

    Post by Samira Nassar 18th January 2020, 10:25 am

    The two sword spirits of wind and light did as they were told and followed the boy. It wasn't hard to keep up. More like the challenge was going so slowly. Yes, he was running as fast as he likely could, but it was hardly enough to keep those two at a distance. They could have lapped around him several times over if they wanted to be smart asses and poke fun. But alas, there was a job to do, and that job consisted of keeping an eye on him.

    Eventually, the Fairy Tail mage came to a stop. Whatever it was he was trying to find was no longer there, or so the spirits concluded by the presence of nothing and his distress. Rather than approach him, they remained stationed further away to watch. His own two avian spirits came to him and spoke, both questioning and trying to comfort him in their own way. That was hardly interesting enough to report. It wasn't until he brought out the starry looking key that was within the meteorite that landed some time ago that their interest peaked.

    'Samira, the Star-Child is fine. Though, the snake and the woman doctor that controlled it are no where to be found. The small creature cannot be recovered.'

    "Star-Child? Celestial's sake, don't start the dumb nicknames again."

    "Quiet, brother, before I give you a nickname." The spirit of light went back to finishing her conversation with her summoner. 'He has brought out the key that was found the same night as the creature. I am uncertain if he knows how to use it.'

    'Going to go with most likely not on that one. Would have been used a long time ago unless he's more of an idiot than I thought he was.' After that comment the other spirit struck him on the head with the sheath of her blade. Hard. She did tell him to be quiet, after all. Though, she didn't really enjoy hearing the unnecessary insults.

    'Should we inform him to wait for you before he tries to use it? You were uncertain if it would be safe given its unworldly origins.'

    'No. Stay as you are. I told him before to contact the spirit connected with that particular key, and it would seem he has delayed that step for whatever reason, else, as Susano said, it would have been used long before now. I did not give it to him just so I could hold his hand when he went to use it, nor did I ever intend on being present for it. He is going to have to learn to call on that spirit on his own, and tame whatever power comes from it himself. Perhaps the spirit is linked with the star creature in some way, and can help guide him.'

    'That's thinking positive. I'm more of a negative guy.'

    Throughout all this, Samira was still taking her time getting to the new location. Her speed was slowed considerably now to give time for Zachary to figure things out on his own. It was what she thought was best in that current circumstance. Ever since they had met, he seemed to be strangely relying on her, as if she was supposed to have some sort of expertise and be all-knowing. She wasn't. The only thing she could do for him with the current problem was allow him to solve the problem himself. If he really was meant to have that key, then the spirit within would reach out. Some sort of connection would be made that would allow Zachary to know how to call upon its power. Or, so she guessed by her own experiences. It was all she had to go on. Though, even if she was not sure how to go about with the unknown circumstances present now, she did think that perhaps she could help him in other areas. Bastet's earlier criticism was not inaccurate, and even Susano had some valid points as rude and blunt as they were. It was evident he required some guidance, both as a mage and a summoner. Perhaps she would continue to think about that while making her way over to the others.

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    The Star, The Witch and the Key - Page 2 Empty Re: The Star, The Witch and the Key

    Post by Zachary-Sirius 19th January 2020, 9:07 am

    As Samira and her Spirts made their way towards him, Zachary, confused and emotionally distraut to lose the Star Critter friend, grasped the mysterious key. Seeing the key, Nyx fluttered next to Zachary. "Zachary... the key that came with the mysterious creature. That was a clue. It cannot be a coincidence. Perhaps, the spirit it belongs to can help us find out what is happening, especially to the star creature we found." the owl suggested.

    "How?" Zachary said, shaking his head. "The key can only be used by calling the name of the spirit. We have no idea where... who it belongs...to--" Zachary felt a sudden headache spike again as he wobbled. HIs grip tightened on the cold, odd key and his eyes closed from the surge of pain.

    It lasted a moment, but soon Zachary snapped his eyes open once more, his eyes again transformed into the starry eyes he had been showing.

    Zachary felt his wold spin away, as if he was thrown lightyears elsewhere. He saw a spinning galaxy, a sea of stars, a meteorite-- THE meteorite. The one that the creature, crystal and key was in. He saw it like if rewinded from that distant galaxy... and there, hidden in the night among the stars... he saw her. A girl. A girl with flowing blue hair and starry dress. A solmen yet serious expression was on her face.

    And she spoke. Her words without noise, but he saw her lips move, and in that instance... he heard her words. Her name.

    ... Zachary gasped as he fell forward, a hand on the ground and his eyes fading back to their usual white and blue. Ragged breaths escaped him as he soon saw Nyx and Aquila by him. "These visions become more and more troubling to me... Zachary, what did you see this time? " the owl asked.

    By the time this resolved, Samira and her spirits would be nearby. Slowly, Zachary rose up and looked at the key he held. The black and starry key shimmered in the sunlight behind him as he looked at it. The vision, somehow from it, he knew something now. He knew the words to activate the key. A strange resolve passed to him, the fear of his missing companion for the moment... put aside.

    With a deep breath, he rose the mysterious key up before him and focused. Nyx and Aquila looked up curiously, wondering what he was going to do.

    "Open, Gate of the Northern Star Court---" Zachary called aloud, the key starting to glow with the words spoken. The words flowed to him, and he used it from his vision, to activate the key to open the mysterious gate. "--MINU!!" Zachary cried.

    With the same gong and flash as any Celestial Spirit had, the key released a flash of mysterious light, eclipsing the scene in magic. The immediate area was filled with specks of light like stars, and in its center, it was a girl. The rush of magic caused air to waft through her hair and dress, both a shade of the starry night with similar specks. Her face was serene and still as she was in the vision, looking like some form of ghost as she emerged from the gate.

    Zachary was stunned by the mysterious girl who emerged from the key. As they would gather, she slowly opened her eyes to gaze upon the ones who summoned her. For a moment, she paused, but soon her mouth opened and she spoke...

    ... "The star... Please, you must save the star..."

    To Be Continued!

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