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Atheos Staff

Atheos Empty Atheos

Post by Atheos Staff 1st August 2019, 5:34 pm

Atheos Atheos1
{ Welcome to Atheos }

Atheos is a mature-themed roleplay site set in an AU-version of the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. While the loose plot of our site is city-based, we do heavily focus on the fictional kink club & dungeon known as Atheos. Outside of Atheos, we also encourage site wide participation in other areas of the city, and allow our members to suggest and create their own businesses and areas around Las Vegas as they please. We aim to frequently highlight member-created plots that encourage site-wide participation (Wine yoga on Thursdays in the park? Count us in!) and inclusion.

We want to ensure our members have the freedom to develop rich plots and character connections outside the romantic. Friendships and familial relationships are highly encouraged! Diversity is important to creating a well-rounded site, and we’ve aimed to create a safe place for all of our members to create anything their heart desires; as long as it stays within site rules. So come on in! Just watch your step; you might stumble into something you never knew you could be into.

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Atheos Empty Re: Atheos

Post by ivyleaf33 13th August 2019, 10:58 pm

Linked back, thank you!


Atheos B2WXv4aK_o
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i pretend i really liked it this way-- you see, my heart won't die, though i've really tried.

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