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    When a Kitten Becomes a Knight (Intro)

    Cierra Huxx
    Cierra Huxx

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    When a Kitten Becomes a Knight (Intro) Empty When a Kitten Becomes a Knight (Intro)

    Post by Cierra Huxx 30th July 2019, 3:30 am

    There wasn’t an ounce of nervousness in her as she approached the enormous looking building and a wide smile crossed her features as she realised that this was the place that she’d been looking for. It had taken her ages to find it and she’d taken so many wrong turns that it would seem that she must have been reading her map upside down. The actual truth was that there had been so much to see and do on the road that she’d just kept being distracted and only now had she managed to focus long enough for her to actually turn up outside the headquarters of this well known group. Oh yes, the reputation of the Rune Knights was well known to her and that was the reason why she’d come in the first place. Assuming her attention wasn’t caught by something else first.

    Trying her best not to start skipping, the petite cat girl would climb up the large steps and push open the front doors, having to put in a lot of physical force in order to open the heavy things. They would open eventually and the brown haired figure would quickly enter, trying to walk with dignity, although in the end it was a hopeless task and she did well not to just start running as she approached the reception desk. Her tail was swishing to and fro and she was pretty much bouncing on the balls of her feet. The excitement was building fast and anyone who paid any attention to her body language could see that. She wasn’t used to strictness and protocol either and as her eyes fell upon the long line of people waiting to be seen, a tilt of her head would occur, before would completely ignore the line and walk straight up to the front desk, much to the annoyance of the people waiting.

    “Hi there,” she would say cheerfully, looking up at the receptionist, her crimson eyes glowing brightly with excitement, “I’d like to become a Rune Knight please. What do I have to do to join?”

    The receptionist seemed both amused and annoyed at the girl’s total disregard for the rules although she did at least answer her in a curt tone and there was a smile on her face, “I am afraid that this is the line to report crimes, not to join. You are going to need to talk to one of the recruiters or high ranked members of staff. For now, please move along, as there are others who have been waiting far longer than you to be seen.”

    “Thanks,” the brown haired girl would say with a smile, moving out of the way of the people behind her and wandering off to look around the hall. It certainly was crowded and the cat girl’s curiosity was quickly piqued by those that passed her and judging by the looks she was getting, that seemed to be the case for them too. Perhaps they had never seen someone like her before or something. Oh, she didn’t mind that and she gave them a little wave whenever her eyes met someone else’s.

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    When a Kitten Becomes a Knight (Intro) CierraHuxx12345

    Grappa & Jellisha
    Grappa & Jellisha

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    When a Kitten Becomes a Knight (Intro) Empty Re: When a Kitten Becomes a Knight (Intro)

    Post by Grappa & Jellisha 14th August 2019, 11:52 am

    750/XXX words || @Tabitha Falare || job info/job sign-up || short note here
    It was a fairly boring day all things considered. Most people were mulling about the HQ and the twins were no exception to this statement. FOr the time being, both had retired to napping atop one of the display cases. This was mainly to avoid the wrath of one of the higher ups they had "accidentally" taken lunch from. He had been a real big bother to both recruits and Jellisha took it upon herself to procure his lunch and return it to their bed where they shared a hearty meal. The sound of stomping feet went by as both twins would be fast asleep in their hidy hole, currently in their Exceed forms. Grappa was curled up beside her sibling, who was sitting upright with her head leaning against the wall. Such wonderful dreams they shared, the two of them. They were the best heroes in the world, more powerful than Mythal or Seri! Saving the world from all evildoers and people who would want to come up and test their might. Jellisha had cool fire magic, flames billowing from both hands and Grappa was making hurricanes, tornadoes and other things. The monsters kept coming at the both of them but they had nothing to fear! Eventually the boss would appear, a terrifying dragon the size of the whole world. Its roar shook the very foundation of the planet. But thankfully, the twins would save everyone. They knelt down and lunged straight towards the dragon, swords raised and ready slice away the source of all evil in the world. There was a great white flash...

    And then the door to the hall opened. Grappa was awakened by the creaky door, mumbling something to herself as in walked a girl with cat ears. Her clothes suggested she might be somebody who knew her way around a magic tome of sorts as the young Exceed would lean closer and continued to observe her from afar. Unfortunately the line she had ended up at was to report crimes. Not only that but the girl had already met Caitlyn, the employee who was typically pretty unfriendly to most newcomers hoping to join. At least, that's what Grappa had only really heard from a precursory glance. She was sent on her way as the smaller of the two would watch and then move towards her slumbering sister.

    "Jellisha! Get up! We got work!" "Go away, Grappa...Just lemme sleep."

    The emerald eyed twin puffed her cheeks out in frustration. She grabbed her sister's paw and yanked her down on the floor below. While in midair, their worked the magicks found in the world armory that gave them their human forms, a pair of identical twins with proper and official attire. The tailors at the guild had made sure that both would fit them in this form, as well as shrinking down with them when not in a human shape. Jellisha crashed on the ground beside her sister, groaning as she looked up at her with glaring eyes. "I hate you..." Caitlyn looked over at the common before slamming her hands on the table. "Haven't I told you two to stop getting up there? You're going to tip that over one day, and I'm going to collar you to a pole outside if you keep treating this place like a daycare!" Both twins jumped up to attention, recieving a minor scolding from the woman as they both would acknowledge they understood when asked.

    "Yes, ma'am! Sorry, ma'am!"
    "Yes, ma'am! Sorry, ma'am!"

    After that fiasco, they would both go wandering down the halls in search of the girl from earlier. "I think she went this way!~" The two roamed around for a short while until their eyes came across the back of the girl. Jellisha, who has not seen her up until this point, would take great interest in the girl's ears. She could feel her own underneath that cap shuffling around in glee. She looked back over at Grappa, or where Grappa had been at one time, and caught her sister rushing forth behind the girl. "Excuse me, miss!" Grappa said, flailing around before coming to a stop in front of the girl. She smoothed out her uniform, adjusted the hat and gave her a salute. "Rune Knight Private Grappa, at your service! How can we help you?" Jellisha would join her sister after a few more steps, walking to the side of her while nodding at the woman.

    "Rune Knight Private Jellisha. Well met."

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