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    Ingredient Heist[Job]

    Gabriel Anthello
    Gabriel Anthello

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    Ingredient Heist[Job] Empty Ingredient Heist[Job]

    Post by Gabriel Anthello on 23rd July 2019, 4:23 pm

    Cain had to make an effort not to slam the door as he left the old man's house behind him. Talk about an insulting request. Our favorite thief now found himself in a jam, he had already accepted this job expecting a quest for some bizarre gourmet magic food stuffs only to find he was doing the all-natural groceries of his client. Needless to say, this was a much less exciting task then imagined. As Cain was not the type of individual who was fond of menial work he immediately began to think of ways to get out of the bind he was in; after all there was no way he was actually going to do the job he agreed to do. It was in that moment of thinking that Cain's luck began to change.

    The old man's house was off set from most of civilization but there was road nearby that Cain had utilized to get there, and it just so happened that a merchant caravan was starting to roll down the road. From Cain's perspective it looked like they were carrying more than enough goods for him to satisfying the job's requirements which left our hero only one question. How to obtain the goods without spending a cent, because heaven forbid he had any moral character. This dish was really lacking in substance and Chef Cain had to do something to remedy it; knowing him the secret ingredient was going to be crime.

    The caravan was still half a mile away and downhill, Cain doubted they could see him from where he was so he got to work. Off to the side of the road were a mass of bushes which he quickly hid himself in to lie in wait for his opportunity to strike. The growing rumble of wagon wheels allowed our thief not-so-hero to gauge the approach of his target, the last wagon in the caravan. Confidant that the wagon was close enough Cain leaped in through the back of the covered wagon. Luckily enough there was no one inside and Cain's feather weight allowed him to land without making noise. Sure enough as his earlier recon had revealed this bad boy was absolutely loaded with food crates, more than enough to fulfill his obligations.

    Wasting no time he heaved the required crates out of the caravan into the aforementioned mass of bushes and jumped back with them. Surprisingly enough, the bushes caught the crates rather nicely and gave them a muted landing. Cain was no stranger to luck but that heist when obnoxiously well, it went smooth enough that he considered taking a stab at the other wagons while he was at it. But thinking better than to push his luck he instead continued to lay low in the bushes, moving the content of the crates into the gathering baskets he had been given as he waited for the caravan to pass. With them gone he return to the house to claim his reward.

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