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    Young Love Unhappy Ending


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    Young Love Unhappy Ending Empty Young Love Unhappy Ending

    Post by Iris on 20th July 2019, 2:53 am

    job info:

    Oh, this was too easy. Disguise ring or no, Esper knew exactly how she'd do this mission Blanche just handed her.

    Using the various resources available to such a sneaky guild, the alien first went off to Hosenka to do some research. First thing, if she was to do this her way, she needed to know what the daughter and girlfriend looked like. With an address scribbled on a small card, the assassin skulked the alleys and shadows until it was safe to climb a building next to their employer's home. Perched there in the typical Hidden Blades uniform, she waited. It was a hot day and the rich family built by the father's thriving business had a pool, one she'd love to jump in about now but resisted. Suspicions confirmed, a bikini-clad young woman emerged chatting on the phone, giving her an excellent preview of every little detail other than the naughty bits. After a few moments of study, Esper knew the form she'd soon be taking by heart. Furthermore, the girl left her iLac by a pool chair and hopped into the crystalline waters for a swim, then climbed into a float to tan in luxury. Once her eyes closed behind her oversized sunglasses, Esper teleported beside the chair and snatched the phone. That was the last piece she needed.

    Once she was a few streets over, Esper transformed into a flawless copy of the daughter and walked freely through the streets in her bikini and a thought up cover-up for modesty or some dumb concept like that. Thumbing through various things in the iLacs like text messages and pictures, finally, she turned to the contacts and called the boyfriend, cleverly labeled "boyfriend" in the phone's favorite's list. After just a couple of rings, a lively voice answered. "Hey, babe! I thought your dad had you on lockdown or some crap," he commented. Esper, voice masked as his girlfriend's, groaned out a frustrated and petulant noise. "Baaaabe! I can't take it, he's so mean! I just, like, really need to blow off some steam! Let's meet at that old dock outside town..."

    "You mean our special spot?" he asked with no small amount of suggestion.

    "Yaaaasss, please! Can you bring some drinks? I just wanna forget all this...this negativity. Just for today," his lover's voice pleaded. He was more than happy to oblige.

    In a matter of an hour, both of them were throwing back impressive amounts of alcohol and dancing to music playing on her iLac. It was just a perk to be able to drink on the job, but Esper didn't forget her job. Playing her cards just right, she managed to get the poor boy drunk enough to blackout and the rest was child's play. Time to stage the "accident". Pulling a fishing pole out of some tall reeds, she made sure it was set up like he was just having a good time drinking and fishing, but perhaps didn't have enough sense to know when enough was enough. Bottles were littered everywhere, giving the right vibe. Crouching over the passed out boyfriend, she tsked a little. Honestly, he was a nice-looking guy. It was all she could do to resist taking his beautiful blue eyes, but that would probably tip someone off that this was a murder or something. Ugh, such a waste. Picking up his head, she smacked it really well on the edge of the old dock, then let him roll off into the water. The rest should come naturally. Watching the bubbles come up until they didn't anymore, Esper sighed. That was that. An accidental drowning, a heartbroken daughter, and a happy dad. All in a days work.



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