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    The Black Bible

    Eva Ciguatera
    Eva Ciguatera

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    The Black Bible Empty The Black Bible

    Post by Eva Ciguatera 17th July 2019, 4:44 pm

    The Black Bible

    The Black Bible Unknown

    Magic Name: The Black Bible
    Magic Type: Holder (Primary) | Summoner (Auxiliary)
    Description: What can a soul buy you that money can't? A little black book with endless possibilities. The soul is a powerful thing, especially when given to the highest bidder. Satan. This "Black Bible" as some may call it, possesses powerful spells bound to the pages, forgotten through the ages. Each page progressively gets darker the further you turn the pages. The only thing that stops just anyone from reading what's written on the pages is an unknown Daemon language thought to be the scribblings of Satan himself can decipher. It is said that if one were to lay their eyes on his scribblings and he did not bestow the book upon them, that their eyes would melt in their sockets and Daemons would slowly drive them to insanity. For the spells are too dark and demand too much of the user for one to comprehend the price that must be paid for such power. Necromancy, flesh-eating daemons, curses, and spells of much darker origin too horrific to touch on. In the end, it all comes down to if you think your soul is a fair trade to wield something so evil that even Satan's children cower before it.

    Eva is not only a family disgrace, but she is also a family disgrace with no magical prowess what-so-ever. So it was only natural that Eva desperately searched for a way to give herself something she desired more than her own freedom; magic. How to obtain and use it. Satan sought her out in a moment of weaknesses, he took advantage of her and promised her the world in return for her soul and that is where her desperation got the better of her. Within a moment of hesitation, she was conned out of her own soul for a stupid black book. It was after this that Eva's life became hell. No pun intended. She discovered that the book was much more than a good read, it was a powerful weapon and with its vast choice of spells, Eva became reckless. Reckless because it gave her something she never had and she was making up for the lost time.

    Unique Abilities:

    • Evilicious: Eva deals 40% more damage to anyone who is "good" this means mages in legal guilds, rune knights, and more.
    • Ability:
    • Ability:

    D-Rank Spells:

    C-Rank Spells:

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