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    Jungle Tresspassing

    Janet Cinderfeild
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    Jungle Tresspassing Empty Jungle Tresspassing

    Post by Janet Cinderfeild on 16th July 2019, 9:59 am

    Janet would be flying through the air to the East End of the jungle for the note that she had received had been instructed by her to go.  Apparently they're having some Interlopers in the jungle questionable motives. Janet wasn't sure what there motives were exactly but she knew one thing, she knew that she would teach them that this jungle was a dangerous place. As she flew. She wondered how she should approach the group. She was trying to decide if she would be diplomatic or if she would just try to attack them. Suppose that was a decision that needed to be made when she found out who they were or what they were doing it there was just wondering when She'll follow if they will set up camp she was fine but for now she had to find them first. Tracking and finding them will not be an issue do to her dragon-slaying abilities. Her abilities would give her an advantage when sensing and tracking face due to them being so much more heightened. However a few hours flying through the jungle in the sky above the Treeline fan in the clouds so she has covered not wanting anyone to see her coming she will look down and see something she did not expect to see it. She had found them and they had made a small base camp in the jungle their Pier to be about 10 of them one obvious person that was in charge by the looks of it. It would appear to be a set of mages of some sort, however something else she noticed was that they had some of the amazons captured and tied up.  By the looks of it they were going to interrogate the Amazons space on what was happening probably to try to find the guild as there would be no other reason to capture these Amazon's who just live it and stay in the jungle unless they were slavers. Either way they needed to go however now she had to do it in such a way with the Amazons would not get hurt so she had to free the Amazons first. She was flying down into the tree line nearby the Amazons and make her wings attracted to her body as she hid behind a tree hearing a few voices into Camp muttering about how there were rumors of a dark Guild in this jungle and his Amazons was a ticket to finding them. At least one thing was confirmed at least I knew who they were dealing with now however she soared to get the Amazon dot out of there she observe the camp which was just a simple Circle formation y que tienen ecamper fire going in the middle of tents along the edges and then about five more feet of clearing just to be safe they knew what they were doing however they were still only have them though there was one that was clearly in charge.

    Janet would stay as quiet as she could thinking about it for a moment but only a brief moment being a distraction to get them away from the Amazons. She would pick up a stone off the ground and tossed it in her Dragon claw very briefly waiting for a moment where she would have been seen by anyone on patrol and she would then turn and quickly her with Stone across the camp in an arc like way though so it went above the camp and not through it. As a stone landed in the tree line across the way she could see the other Majors now getting on guard walking over to it they caught the attention of all 10 of the in men as she slowly then crept her way over to the Amazons trying to be stealthy as possible no she was not built for so she could at least be quiet enough to crouch and walk over somewhere. As Janet got up to the Amazons she would look at them and raise a finger to her mouth and tell them to be quiet not wanting to blow her car she would take her claw hand out insert to Cut the Ropes with it knowing it was sharp enough and strong enough to cut through them.  The amazons werent stupid they knew exactly what was happening as Janet whistpered to them. "Sisters of the jungle...flee ill dispatch these intruders and make them regret coming here…"  the amazons wanted to protest and stay and fight but they would just get in Janets way.  As she finished cutting the Rope she looked at them in the oven before looking over to the men looking for the sound still as one turned around but before they could do anything or say anything Janet would cast a spell. Nightshade Storm!" She would see them all get involved in a black and green Mist swirling on the ground as a few of them started to choke and wheeze on the Mist become immobilized. It was at this moment the Amazons got up and started to flee running back into the jungle deeper and deeper trying to get away from them in the battle that was ensuing they were in no position to fight but would stay nearby to watch just in case. Janet's Nightshade storm didn't last long however wild it hurt them and stop them for a moment someone in the clouds eyes blue foam on the leaders and a spell is countered almost immediately and you gave a smirk and looked at Janet as his people start to recover. As I slowly got up she would activate her claws they were her damage boost and stare at them one of them to make the first move. Does a brief moment before two of them step forward in the lead it would just smile "the council will pay for her to, get her!" He would say in a more aggressive manner this time and I'm more confident manner as well since there were about 10 of them in one of her however Janet would stand call knowing that she got into this mess his house so she can get out of it. As the two men step forward she was positioned so seeing that they started to grow Claws and fangs using take over magic to turn into a set of beasts. They were then begin to charge at her what more speed than Janet was expecting anything she couldn't handle and she started to Swift we dodged their swipes and Claws and bites at her. Her as she was busy dodging and weaving a few more of them came up and started to get ready to cast spells, this was going to slowly turn into something she couldn't handle she didn't do something differently you had to get rid of a few of them but knowing that the leader can counter her spells made this even more challenging. Janet thing got some semblance of an idea what to do with these two so she can focus more on the Range combatants and just get in there and do some damage.  Janet would shift slightly letting herself get lightly hit as he slashed by.  She would then grab his arm and pull him into the oncoming attack of the other beast.  Unable to stop in time the Beast gouged it's Claus and his comrade cutting it into enough to take it down. Using the hesitation as it realized what it did Janet Worthen circle around and activate her claws takeover add more damage and cut down the Beast turning towards the Mages that would now ready to fire the range Spells at her.  Activating her dragon Fortitude and Dragons Umbra she would project a shield that was strong enough to withstand these attacks but she could feel the spells battering against the shield as it started to give away. She needed to deal with them first but she couldn't help but notice the leader was just sitting and watching as they attacked her.  Why wasn't he joining there assault.  It made Janet curious but for now her shield was about to give in so she had to act now. Right as the shield would break she would mutter the words Shadow Dance and shadows would envelope her and pull her into the ground.  As the Shields would shatter from the magical blasts oh that would be there will be a dark spot on the ground that shot away from them getting zone distance between them.  

    Deciding now would be the right time as she re-appeared she held her dragon claw to the sky and start chanting in draconic.  A spell circle would suddenly appear above them cause them all to look up as they heard a dragon's roar follow.  From out of the spell circle dragons would begin to claw there way out and slowly emerge on after the other.  A red Crimson colored one, Malignus the Fire Dragon, A blue dragon Tempest the Lightning Dragon, A white dragon, Frost the Ice Dragon, and with a silver sheen Sapphire the Guardian Dragon.  As the dragons would claw through the fighters opposing side would just stare in awe as these Beast came into the battlefield and Sir to fly around as a fever when will point up scared unable to form words even their leader now starting to look a little worried. Jenna can see the fear in their eyes as she started to use her take over magic as well this will take a lot of her manner but it was well worth it as you turned to almost a full Dragon just below it letting the scales developer body her I change color her claws and fangs come out and her wings spread out on her back as she just stared at them letting them make sure they know that she was just like them as they been sorry to look even more frightened of Janet there once confident look no faded from their eyes as she let out of or end of dragons out of reward now as well as she felt far more confident now that she had her family with her. The lady would look up at the dragons as they just circled above before looking at Janet as she told them that leaving the jungle was no longer an option they have trespassed on her land and now they would pay the price they're either be strong enough to live or they would die here one of the two things would happen she couldn't risk them leaving and coming back with more and hurting her family or her Guild this was her in her eyes the only sense of recourse. The leader within try to order a retreat as he was saying the retreat Janey would just scream into the air to have malignus create a wall of fire around them and stop them from going anywhere not wanting them to leave the battlefield now that her friends were here.  Animal Ignace would do that he would men be without a boring wall of fire flying around in a circle around them in casing them with a very precise and controlled burn more than anything as they were suddenly stopped in their tracks I believe it's wet out of how they would shoot magicapp Janet trying to get her away, thinking that they would pull the dragons way however The Sapphires I want to quit the land behind Janet in forwarded swings around her blocking any blast as Janet yelled out for the dragons to attack. Frost the ice dragon well then suddenly went out a stream of Frost from its mouth creating an ice storm as a carpet bomb the area around them the dragon's Wing Stones shield and Janet from any kind of damage as they were suddenly Frozen in place. As far as Janet could tell they were all Frozen in place not being able to see clearly through the wings of the Dragon protecting her as a dragon protecting her drawer in the Tempest would fly down and shock them dealing more damage to them since they were frozen in ice as they were all shocked and they would all fall to the ground except the leader who is still Stand Tall which was strange because you seem to be unaffected so which displease Janet along with the rest of the dragons.

    They would all float around this man is Janet would just stare at him as he would then begin to speak. " your guild has shown your strength if you let me leave I will no longer harass you or your guild I don't make sure no one does it on behalf of the council…" he would say clearly on the defensive he knew he couldn't take all four of the Dragons engine it he could probably hurt some of them at the very least but there's no way you could take him just based on sheer numbers alone. Janet would just stare at the man and then all the bodies on the ground and then at the end and then speak in a bit more of a confident tones and she had four of the Dragon surrounding her and the man. " you only say this if you lost you be showing no pity on me if I was in your position so why should I even use the thought of this proposal…" she would say she just stared at the man however she would just give a small smile and take a step towards him. " we were scouting Force we weren't going to attack you anyway we are only here to find out information about you and the Amazons attacked us we just figured we use into our vintage law of the Jungle isn't that what you always say the strong survive if they were so strong they would have got captured by us…" he said there was something like he was more trying to earn Janet Respect by saying that thing trying to get his way out of the encounter he was currently in however Janet would not be swayed she only got a little more angrier at him admitting that they captured the Amazons.  " enough I've heard enough you don't get the attack or guilds allies find our Guild and then reported to the council that won't be how it works however I'll make sure you are found by the magic counsel and that will be a message enough." Before the Dragons Were then all charged up their breath weapons again and she could see the look of fear on his face as he knew he wasn't getting out of this alive anymore before he can watch a blast Jen would also shoot out her nightslayer Roar along with all the dragon's breath weapons Sapphire on guard in case you had some sort of Counterattack in this case he did not he would get obliterated would be a nice word as Ford Dragon roars would slam into the Manet ones causing a bit of an explosion that happened in the jungle around her Sapphire keeping Janet safe from the explosion however nothing remained it of the man or his crew they were turned to what would almost be nothing only very Trace remnants lying around them which was probably good that means if they came sniffing that nothing much will be found however she didn't know if the Amazons be okay with that but that wasn't her concern right now. Janet would slowly walk over to where the weed is corpse would be and looked around the ground before looking back at her dragons getting ready to do some of them in draconic telling them that she was very grateful for the help and not sure look forward to working with them on the future. With that the dragons will let out one drawer which to Janet knew they were happy to help her as she then held up a claw in the circle appeared in the area and they would fly back through it back to their respective planes and Holmes and Jen would slow revert back to her normal self just keeping her wings out so she could leave taking one more look around making sure there's nothing left of these people so not even the Amazon had to deal with cleaning this mess. She would slowly grab whatever was left that wasn't destroyed any remnants of clothing documents papers  even a few ligaments that she would make sure you were buried and destroyed at the same time not wanting any evidence of this come forward at all as far as they were concerned this was just an empty clearing now that had seen some battle in that would be all that will be remembered of this scouting Squad that was sent to find them in the guild. She were then just flap your wings and fly up into the air looking back down hearing the sound of the Amazons glad that they were safe and they seemed to not intervene or get in any trouble though I don't know if the Amazons were more worried about what they solved from Janet or that they got captured either way Janet definitely had some explaining to do as she would then start to fly back towards to go home today is job was done and she's proven her Worth to the guild and to the Jungle itself making sure that all Intruders would now no that the dragons were on guard in this area and they were not to be trifled with. With that she would fly back to the Earth heading back to the temple that she called home feeling well about how this was handled and she gotta see her family again her other family which made her very happy that they still come when she called her jungle.



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