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    Hawk Hunt


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    Hawk Hunt Empty Hawk Hunt

    Post by V on 11th July 2019, 11:33 am

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    The place was rather out of the way for the man to be there without reason. Tall, cold, snowy mountains. His muse beckoned him for ice cold inspiration. At first, he thought that he would get away with just stepping outside of the castle that became his home, but it wasn't satisfactory. Alas, it was necessary to find a suitable place which could satiate the gnawing muse who was looking for inspiration. Thankfully, he found it in a mountain range named Phoenix Mountains. Unfortunately, it was far away.

    The road was indeed long, but somewhat eventful. Maybe not so much on his end, but he had overheard a piece of information that sounded interesting. A mercenary group going by the name of 'Stone Soul' was apparently running rampant along the Phoenix Mountains. However, from what V had overheard, it sounded more like just a band of murderers, rather than a group of people who were selling their swords as a service. That wasn't his concern, though. What truly intrigued the man was a subtle comment, saying that there were surely people out there looking for the group.

    And as it were, by a chance, the tattooed man had come across a very verbal older man. He was constantly grumbling about this mercenary group, how they scattered evil wherever they went and left nothing but rubble in their wake. He was visibly agitated, but he also seemed to be worried, in a sense. Perhaps worried that the little town he was living in would be next.

    When V questioned the man, he didn't get much information about the quarry. Predictably, it was the leader of the group, Warren Hawk. He was supposedly holed up in an old fortress in the mountains that served as a shelter for him and his band. The assignment focused more on the way the man in question was to be gotten rid of. Under the veil of night, in his own fortress, decapitated with none of his men suspecting a thing. Then, putting the severed head onto a spike in one of remaining towns. Gruesome, but it would most certainly send a message.

    The tattooed man took a bit of time to refuel in the small town, where he picked up his essentially an assassination contract. The break didn't last for long. V needed to reach the fortress before nightfall, so as to take a peek at the place, after all. With heavy steps and help of his cane, the road was set for him.

    It wasn't tough to find his bearings among the mountains. Snow and ice were V's second home. Eventually he would come across ruins of unidentifiable buildings. In the back of the destruction laid the stone fortress that he could only assume was 'the' place. The sun was setting swiftly, as the wind howled around the mage. A proper look at the layout of the building was first in order, though with his sight he could already see a number of moving forms, presumably members of the group, if it was indeed them.


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