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    Random messes (Oro, toga)

    Orokana Yuhi
    Orokana Yuhi

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    Random messes (Oro, toga) Empty Random messes (Oro, toga)

    Post by Orokana Yuhi on 10th July 2019, 12:06 pm

    Orokana slowly walked down the streets of the port town. His mask hiding his face and his gloves holding his skeletal hands so the light couldnt touch it. The lich slowly walked as the red mask gave everyone that looked at it a smile, the blue eyes staring at everyone with soul less eyes. He slowly looked around as the tall skeleton was taller then most people by at least a foot. His dark purple robes moving around as the wind blows, he could tell this place smelled heavily of salt and old fish. Which he loved the smell of fish but when he was alive. He slowly walked as he spotted a inn near him, he figured he should ask around and maybe find something to do. The tall framed skeleton slowly leaned in and opened the doors. Entering as he looked around, a bar that had a couple of people in already drinking the day away as it was just recently past noon. The lich slowly walked as people stared at him and his mask. He felt annoyed about all the life and pests that lived in the city that just stared at him like he was abnormal. He found a spot to sit down as he crossed his legs over each other at the booth he found for himself. He slowly pulled out his tome and started to read it slowly, humming to himself as he reads, looking around now and again to see if anything interesting would happen.


    Random messes (Oro, toga) OroSig_80

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