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    Hide and Seek Memories...

    Tyson Rhodes
    Tyson Rhodes

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    Completed Hide and Seek Memories...

    Post by Tyson Rhodes 9th July 2019, 5:15 pm

    Man, one would think Sabertooth was already big on its own, but it Ace of Spades seemed to be the tip of a massive iceberg. Not only they had an entire town just for them smack in the middle of Fiore, but a whole other area on a whole different plane of existance. Tyson knew about the whole thing of multiple realities existing and all that jazz, but to think the Sabers had effectively colonized an area of the Feywild was rather...impressive. And it was no ordinary area either. Yggdrasil. The legendary world tree. That thing was so incredibly huge you could not see where it began and where it ended...both on top and at the bottom.

    Aside from the massive branches and intricare ramifications stemming from the bark, there was also a massive network of roots interwining on eachother and plunging down into the darkness below. One had to wonder what kind of things one could find down there. As far as he knew, no one had really tried adventuring down there. As much as theSabers liked to say they knew everything about their home away from home, a good part of Yggdrasil was still a mystery.

    Either way, it was not going to be the time of snooping around. He had other things to do. Much more important things for the time being, at the very least. The magic council did it again. First they come up with the whole Rising Star sphiel, and now with the whole exam thing.  It was not something really out of their mind to do. They needed to be sure people could actually handle more difficult missions before sending them face first into a sea of zombies or worse. So, as much as he himself felt ready, he needed to prove it to all the others first. It was going to be an easy peasy thing really. He just needed to get up high on the world tree and into Sabertooth's private arena. There, one of their Evaluator guildmates working for the council would have him do a bunch of different things and then certify he was indeed stronger than how he was  a few months ago. Thankfully, no bunny stuff to explain this time.

    Tyson slowed down his climb of the world tree to check out he had everything he needed. If there was one thing he had learned in his youth it was to always be prepared for the task ahead of you. Even more so if you knew what was coming at you. As such, the Slayer stopped to check his stuff and make sure everything was where he wanted. With his satchel bag open, he began counting his equipment. Ink check, scrolls check. A few Mana Potions and Health potions...check and check. Ivory Fang...not check?!

    The mage's face turned into a confused expression as he rumaged inside his satchel again. Yeah. There was no trace of his armor. It was true that the thing was self contained in just the chest plate and it would wrap around his body as he wore said chest plate...but even then it wouldn't just disappear. Perhaps he had left it in his room? Nah he was sure he had taken it with him. Imai was out on a mission so he would not be able to take it either.

    It was at that moment that the Slayer heard a voice coming from slightly higher up and to his left in the branches. "Oi!" He hard a call followed by snickering. "Looking for this?"

    Tyson moved in a full 180 to have his eyes home in to the guy behind the voice. Oh boi. The squirrel. Of course.
    He knew about that guy. Imai had told him about the Guild's Pet, Ratatoskr. Apparently, the overgrown squirrel had been a resident of Yggdrasil for far longer than any Sabertooth ever was. It grew fond of the guild and is now regarded as the Guild's official mascot. Apparently, the guy knew a buncha different languages and also thinks he's the world tree's protector. Tyson also knew the guy was mischievous and loudmouthed. The fact he had just stolen his armor only reinforced Tyson's convinction of the guy being a troublemaker.

    "I don't have time to deal with you." The slayer sighed. "Ivory fang does not belong to you either. So give it back."

    "But it's shiny and cool! Plus I am bored....can't I borrow it for a whileee?"

    The Poison Slayer rolled his eyes in frustration. It was like talking to a little whiny brat. "Do not make me repeat myself. Give it back now!"

    "Ooh! So scaryyy. If you want it so bad why don't you come and get it?"

    And up the tree the squirrel went. Tyson of course had to humor the guy and engage in a hot pursuit. He needed his armor. Besides, it was one of his few possessions that had been a gift from one of his friends. One of his dearest friends actually. That overgrown rat was not going to run away with Alma's gift.

    And so it went on and on for a whole hour. No matter how much he tried, the squirrel knew the tree way better than him so every time the Slayer thought he had him, Ratatoskr would find a way to slip away. While the squirrel was quite amused by his little game, Tyson grew more and more furious with each failed attempt. He was going to be late for the test. Hell he was late for the test, now he risked missing it altogether!

    Panting, having to stop to regain some stamina, Tyson death stared the laughing squirrel a few branches above him as he played with Tyson's regalia. "Man you're a lot of fun. I should hide your stuff around here more often."

    Tyson barked at the squirrel to give his armor back but the animal was having none of it. By now the slayer was fuming with anger to the point of throwing out a poison spell. Tyson's patience had run out. Ratatoskr did not seem to have a problem avoiding the sludge of poison Tyson had flung at him, the squirrel was nimble after all.

    "Ha! Is that all you can do? I can beat you with my eyes-"

    "ENOUGH!" Tyson yelled so hard it almost sounded like a roar. "Give. Me. My. Armor. Back. NOW!"

    Ratatoskr only chuckled and snickered. He waved the chestplate around. "How about no? I "found"it around here. Finders keepers!"

    If it were only for the taunt, Tyson would have loved to punch the guy in the face. But then the squirrel tinkered with the armor too much...and a piece broke off.


    The world seemed to slow down. Tyson stared unblinking as the piece that came off tumbled town the tree. And there there was nothing but a bottomless pit of wrath. But not just wrath. It was pure desire of complete and utter annihilation. His most prized treasure had been stolen and damaged by a stupid squirrel.

    Tyson snapped.

    A massive pillar of purple energy shot up into the sky as a feral roar echoed around Yggdrasil. The shockwave created enough to shake Yggdrasil's brances. What followed was a massive energy spike, something that forced Ratatoskr out of his teasy mode and into panicked alert. "Yeah! Now that's...more...like..."

    Looking down from the high branch, the squirrel could see what was causing such commotion. Though in the wake of the sudden explosion stood a figure. Its presence seemed to be corroding the air itself. Everything around it for a good few meters was slowly withering away. The leaves were no longer green, but crumpling into a putrid brownish black. Even the Weave around the figure was seemingly ripped into pieces. The flow of mana around the area had been corrupted and disrupted. But it didn't not end there. Now that the purple energy had dissipated into a purple haze that was melting leaves and wood, Ratatoskr could see that the figure facing him was not what he was expecting.

    The figure standing there wasn't human. It was covered in hard, purple scales from top to bottom. A long, spiked tail was waving in slow motions as two neon green eyes with nothing but slits for pupils locked in onto the squirrel. Talons and claws, three fingers each, and then a snout full of sharp fangs. Two big ears and mebranous wings extending from the creature's arms. A wyvern. A wyvern aith poison powers.

    Ratatoskr put two and two together real fast. He had done it now. He had no idea the guy he was teasin was a Slayer, let alone a Slayer capable of triggering his Dragon Force like that. Another pulse of power and the squirrel grew even more concerned. It did not seem the dragon there had even an ounce of self control...

    Tyson flopped on the bed. He was exhausted and his head hurt like mad. He didn't remember anything about his test or the day. One moment he was preparing his stuff for the evaluation and the next he woke up in the infirmary. He had been told he had collapsed during the test due to strain. Well, at least he was told he passed it. He could now take part in more advanced missions.

    The mage wobbled towards the bathroom, throwing his shirt on the ground. Opening up the sink to wash his face, hoping the cold wate would help with the migraine, Tyson took it slow. Weird flashes of his time back in hunting village popped in his mind. Specifically, his time with Xivu Jih'va. Those years of torture. Weird...

    Tyson shook away those bad memories and finished washing himself. As he moved to put his stuff away, he glanced at his reflection the mirror.

    Wait. Did his eyes change color there?

    "Hey, Kiddo. What took you so long?"


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