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    A test of beauty

    Kaori Ciguatera
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    A test of beauty Empty A test of beauty

    Post by Kaori Ciguatera on Mon 08 Jul 2019, 12:48 am

    A test of beauty QmUKyYH

    "All is fair in love and war."

    Kaori was given rather specific orders upon her initiation into the guild, apparently she was supposed to investigate the town in order to find out information on an enemy. It seemed easy enough and whether she wanted to admit it or not, she needed the guilds alliance if she were to protect her island. Normally she wouldn't be seen in such a dirty little town but she had a task and despite her surroundings she held her head high, walking as confidently as ever, her beauty on display for all to see. The town was shocked that she would humble herself to even visit, and just a look at her they were instantly in love. They had never seen such perfection, and immediately the men of the village crowded her, with hearts in their eyes.

    "Disgusting pigs." Kaori scoffed, but the men didn't seem to mind being talked down too. They only cheered and whistled, screaming out sexist remarks. This was the treatment Kaori was used too, and she enjoyed watching the men struggle over something they could never have. She approached one of the more composed men, raising her leg only to bring him down to the ground, her heel digging into his chest. The crowd cheered, some drooling wishing that it was them being abused. "Tell me, who runs this town?" Kaori asked, the man hesitated at first, scared to give away any information but as she dug her heel deeper and deeper he eventually caved. "A-a group!" He shouted. "They call themselves the New Law! Their base is just at the base of Mt. Hak-" Kaori gave an evil smirk, releasing the man from her grasp only to kick him as soon as she got what she needed. His body tumbled through the crowd and yet they still continued their obsession with her.

    Kaori brought her hand to her lips, kissing her finger tips as her hand was slowly dragged in front of her, forming a heart. She then pinched it, pulling it back as if it was a bow-string, releasing it so that hundreds of pink arrows shot at the crown. Each arrow made it's mark, hitting one of the men as they were turned to stone. Kaori then proceeded to kick one of the newly made statues down, it toppled over onto another and that one did the same before eventually all of the statues broke like dominoes. The very few people who hadn't fallen instantly in love with Kaori looked in horror and she eyed them. "Oops." She said jokingly as she flipped her hair and walked away, toward the base of Mt. Hakobe where this "New Law" was stationed.

    When she finally arrived at the base it appeared that the small faction had set up camp, and their thuggish appearance made her elegance stand out like a sore thumb. Well that, and her divine beauty! Five scrawny little guards approached her nervously, it was obvious they had no training and were just starting out. Kaori would have taken pity on them if they weren't men, but there were others at the camp so she was going to need a plan. Her pupils widening, her hand covering her mouth as she blushed! "I'm... lost!" She said in a cutesy voice and the men let out a sigh of relief, calling over their buddies to help in the situation. After all it wasn't every day that a beautiful woman ends up lost!

    There were around eight men there, why there was eight men to help a girl with directions was well, because they weren't going to help her with directions. "Let's have some fun! Come in my tent." One of the stronger more gruff men said with a hardy chuckle. Kaori's eyes narrowed in anger. The men only laughed, as if a woman denying them could only be some kind of joke. "Who do you think you are?" Kaori's voice was strong and overpowered any giggles coming from these pathetic excuses of human beings in front of her. At this point they were truly scared some might even say petrified with fear. Creating a heart in front of her she pulled it back once again and arrows launched towards her enemies, turning each and every one of the weak and normal guards to stone. "Men are all talk." She scoffed.

    Meanwhile, the stronger generals caught wind of the situation and immediately ran to tell the boss. Once he was made aware of the situation he commanded the two men to attack her and they reluctantly obeyed after seeing what had happened to their comrades. Unaware of the bosses location within the camp, Kaori had no choice but to fight the generals. In order to even her odds she struck a cute pose, both generals hearts basically bursting from their chest. Now she created a pink bow of magic, with a giant heart arrow to match and she shot it forward, making it's mark on one of the generals. The other was too busy drooling to even notice what had happened and before he knew it he found himself crushed by the stone statue of his fallen brother in arms.

    It had all been so easy up until this point. It seemed that Kaori had finally found the boss and he was prepared. As soon as she entered chains wrapped around her legs, slithering up her body as she found herself restrained by his magic. The captain walked up to her with a calm and cool demeanor. "I can see why my men fell victim to your beauty, and to let something so perfect die would be a waste so I'll give you a chance to surrender." The man offered her a second chance, as if she really needed one. kaori only laughed in his face. "You're an eyesore." She said as she blew a kiss, the heart projectile flying toward him as he too was turned to stone. Immediately the chains loosened and fell to the ground, meaning that she was free.

    "Beauty prevails, as always." Kaori said with the flip of her hair, leaving the camp now turned statue garden behind.

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