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    Territorial Beasts [Job]


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    Territorial Beasts [Job] Empty Territorial Beasts [Job]

    Post by SlayerMathis_ 5th July 2019, 12:25 pm

    Job Title: Territorial Beasts
    Rank: D
    Job Location: Sakuramori
    Solo Word Count: 500 words
    Group Word Count: 1000 words
    Additional Requirements: N/A
    Job Description: While beautiful, Sakuramori is a dangerous place due to the wildlife and monsters that call it home. Due to the fact that it is a wilderness where flora and fauna alike can grow mostly unchecked, a small new enterprise located in Hosenka came up with the idea to get mages with a firm understanding of nature to go in and map out as many territories of native species as possible without disturbing it too much. This is all to create a map of the forest that will allow travelers and herbalists to go about their business without stumbling upon more than they bargained for. Depending on how one goes about it, they may or may not end up getting in trouble with the native wildlife.
    Enemies: Anything ranging from angry beavers to wolves, bears or even a roaming monster.
    Reward: 5,000 jewels and Rank Exp

    Bringer of Death

    Jin walked into the forest, an empty map in hand. This is such busywork, he thought.

    Yeah, it is, the Paragon said, But we need to do more jobs to get better at...everything, really.

    The Bringer of Death rolled his eyes as he began mapping out the dangerous forest. Jin himself had never been to Sakuramori, only hearing about it from some of his fellow guildmates. Nonetheless, he certainly saw the beauty in it. There was no noise save for the rustling of leaves in the wind and the occasional chirp of a bird. While he was certain the Paragon would have enjoyed it, the Bringer of Death was on edge. It was eerily quite in his mind. He heard there were wild beasts, and Jin wanted to kill.

    Almost as if on cue, two wolves leaped from the brush towards Jin. They were scraggly, likely underfed.

    You can take this one if you want.

    Really? Well, don't mind if I do!

    Jin closed his eyes as his world faded to black.

    Paragon of Virtue

    Jin opened his eyes once more, now staring down the two wolves that were slowly pacing towards him.

    "I don't really need to focus in on this one," he quietly said to himself. "Shadow Daggers!"

    He extended his hand, blades of pure darkness slicing one of the ragged beasts, killing it quickly. The other one rushed at him. Jin rolled out of the way, launching another set of Shadow Daggers towards the beast, which remained standing. It charged once again, leaping into the air. He released one more set of Shadow Daggers, impaling it in the throat. He quickly drew his knife and cut deep into its neck, killing it quickly.

    You're always just a killjoy with all your mercy, even towards beasts.

    "Nothing deserve to suffer."

    The Bringer of Death sighed. Jin wandered towards where the wolves had leaped out from, hoping to find some secrets. At the end of the path of trampled sticks and leaves was a small grotto, which the two wolves likely slept at before going out to search for food. Jin scanned the area, making sure to mark down everywhere he went. After all, he thought, the job was to chart the area, not to kill the beasts per se.

    Nonetheless, it seemed as though another fight was on the way, as a small bear wandered into the grotto. Jin sighed, firing Shadow Daggers once again, striking it all over its body. It roared and charged at him, but it had collapsed far before it could reach him.

    It was already really wounded before coming here.

    "Yeah. There must be some bigger monster in the area." Jin shook his head, slapping himself to regain focus. "No, that doesn't matter. We've done our work. We've found something new. One, there's a grotto. Two, there's some other monster here fighting bears and possibly stealing food from the wolves. This should be good enough to report."

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