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    To Earthland and Beyond! [Job]


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    To Earthland and Beyond! [Job] Empty To Earthland and Beyond! [Job]

    Post by SlayerMathis Fri Jul 05, 2019 3:02 pm


    The Paragon of Virtue

    Jin stepped into Hargeon Port, the bustling life of the city roaring around him. He was here to pick up a passport, so he could travel to other countries.

    More countries means more places to kill, no? the Bringer of Death joked. Jin rolled his eyes as he entered the long line to get a passport. Cut in line. We're going to be here for hours if we don't.

    Everyone else here has been here for hours already, it's not right to steal their spots for our own gain.

    Yeah but these are mostly civilians. They don't need these passports for work.

    Neither do we!

    Just let me take control. I can get us in and out in a matter of minutes.

    Don't kid me, you're probably going to kill a bunch of people.

    It gets us closer.

    Yeah we might get a passport if we kill a bunch of people, but we're also going to be arrested and probably executed for terrorism.

    The Bringer of Death was silent for a moment. At the very least, you can cut in line.

    Jin rolled his eyes once again as the line slowly inched forwards.

    After nearly two hours had passed, it was finally Jin's turn at the counter.

    "Name?" the bored-looking clerk asked absently.

    "Jin Auri-el."

    "You a wizard?"



    "Silver Wolf."





    The clerk turned around for a moment. When he came back around, he had a passport in hand.
    "Here you go," he said. "Take it."

    "Th-that's it?" Jin was astounded.

    "Yeah. Now move."

    "So why did the line go so slowly?"

    "People like you who hold up the line with dumb questions."

    The nerve of-

    Hey! Calm down! If we kill him-

    "Sir, I need you to move. There's people waiting."

    Now even the Paragon was irate. "There's gotta be more to the process, right?"

    "Nope. Now get out of the way."

    "No pictures? No blood type?"

    Now even the clerk was upset. "Most of the stuff that we really needed was already on file, okay? You're a registered member of a guild, so we have the info we need. Now you know, so go away."

    Jin glared at the clerk before leaving the line. It seemed suspicious that everything went smoothly an d so quickly, especially with the long line that was very slow in creeping towards its finale.

    Just learn to be okay with it. We have the passport, mission is complete.

    Yeah, I suppose. Now if we have jobs that take us elsewhere, we can actually complete them.

    Or we could not do that and just vacation there. Maybe get a tan, get some souvenirs, kill some people...

    No. This is purely for work purposes. Anyways, let's head back. This might be the easiest money we've ever made.

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