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    First Kill - Honorable Death (Job/Closed)

    Akasogen Kamiba
    Akasogen Kamiba

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    First Kill - Honorable Death (Job/Closed) Empty First Kill - Honorable Death (Job/Closed)

    Post by Akasogen Kamiba on 4th July 2019, 5:58 pm

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    It was a beautiful day outside, singing birds and blooming flowers gently swaying in the warm wind. Much different from the freezing mountains where Silver Wolf lays and although it is much warmer inside she had to once again brave the cold due to a rather astonishing job listing. An aged warrior asking for death through an honorable battle and in a way Akasogen can understand such a thing after all it’s better than becoming weak and aging, forced to rely on others for your every need. And so she strengthened her resolve and read on honorable deaths as such she has an idea on how to approach this and give the man his last wish. It was a long trip, but luckily the town of Oshibana has a railway station at its central point and after she walked off the station she headed through the town till she can see Ior Valiir in the distance.

    Akasogen took a stance with her feet firmly planted and legs slightly spread as she brought her arms slowly in front of her. She called on the power of the Goddess of Retribution, Nemesis, and slowly faint colors of purple surrounded her and a bluish-purple magic circle formed perpendicular to her palm that were facing each other in front of her. Gliding her right hand to the circle she turned her palm down and curled it as though she was holding something, slowly she pulled her hands away from the circle as is slowly became lines that formed into a shining blue and purple broadsword with an arrow-like tip attached to a silver handle grasped within her right hand and separated by wing-like cross guards. Suddenly her hands snapped to her sides and the magic dimmed down leaving the sword at her side pointed out. Whispers erupted around her as bystanders looked warily at her blade, but all Akasogen did was look into the eyes of Ior as he slowly stood up and she walked forward.

    The two were now five feet apart and Akasogen braced her shoulders and raised her head as she yelled out, “Aged Warrior, Ior Valiir!” She took a breath as she quickly rose the large blade and pointed at him and bellowed, “I challenge you to battle!” For a moment nothing happened and only the puffing of her breath can be heard, but then Ior smiled and pulled his blade and shield from his back. “Very well child! We shall do battle!” He excitedly cried and soon they were off to each other with her blade now clutched in both hands and soon their individual blades meet at the cross-point, Akasogen had pulled back her magic to her blade would not immediately destroy Ior's weapon although it seems she greatly misunderstood it’s integrity as her blade seem to slide away from Ior’s and she quickly spun on her right foot and backpedaled, but not without gaining a small cut against her left cheek. Nothing was even whispered as their blades clanged loudly with each other as even though Akasogen has more power she does not have more experience.

    She swung her blade downwards and Ior jumped out of the way, but even through his masterful doges he was slowing and she was powering through. Akasogen used guarded her body with her blade with Ior’s blade clashing into it and soon they were pushing at each other, waiting for the other to give out, but then Akasogen jerked her blade up and tilted it down into Ior’s chest as his blade cut along her right shoulder. She shakily stepped back with wide eyes as Ior’s body sickeningly fell of her blade and onto the ground with a smile on his face, an instant but acknowledged death. Akasogen stared at her blade and Ior’s body with everything else becoming blurry, she swallowed and stepped back again just to fall on her knees with her bloodied blade disappearing. Soon people eventually came by to carry Ior’s body away for an honorable burial and she clutched at her shoulder where Ior left his final mark on this world upon her body with ragged breaths.

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