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    To Earthland and Beyond!


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    Completed To Earthland and Beyond!

    Post by Cassiopeia 3rd July 2019, 7:15 pm

    Cassiopeia had set sail from Amber Island to the port city of Hargeon Town for a number of reasons. First and foremost was she had been tasked with picking up an order request on behalf of Dies Irae. Her new guild resided on a small island off the coast of Minstrel, and unfortunately that meant its modest local economy couldn't provide every resource a mages guild needed. So Cassiopeia had a number of specialty shops to visit and no small shopping list of order forms to fill out.

    While she was in town, the Kaijin woman had done a little of her own business, completing a D-Rank job of her own on a farm beyond the city's walls. With that task completed though she now walked the city streets back towards the harbor. Sacks of alchemical ingredients, potion reagents, magical devices and tools, and Fiorian wine clutched in hand or coiled tightly by her tail. She was lucky she was as strong as she was, or the Kaijin woman would have needed a cart to carry everything.

    As she rounded a corner to the harbor and instantly stopped dead in her tracks. Huge crowds of people filled the harbor in a tangled mess all crowding around the Harbor Master's offices. "Shit." The Kaijin beauty said under her breath, forgetting that it was the height of the Fiorian tourist season. The unruly mob were all trying to get their passports renewed at the last minute.

    Suddenly it dawned on Cassiopeia, that had been on her to do list. As a guildless mage from Kaijū-jima, Cassiopeia had been beholden to no laws but her own. Now, as a Neophyte of Dies Irae she was technically a citizen of Minstrel. And that meant she'd need a Fiorian passport, as the nations of Fiore, Seven, Bosco, and her own Minstrel had all entered into an alliance. If she was going to be a proper mage, proper paperwork was the first step.

    And so, Cassiopeia resigned herself to waiting patiently in line. It was a maddening affair, she swore the lines got longer, never shrinking. Hours passed and she was sorely considering saying screw the whole thing. The only thing keeping her patience was the desire not to anger her guild superiors upon her return. And so she waited, and waited, and waited. Eventually, after much boredom it was at long last the Kaijin's turn.

    Cassiopeia walked up to the office counter, setting her supplies down besides her. An old woman with a mean look on her face and thick glasses handed her a form. "Fill that out, sign and date it, and make sure your handwriting is legible." She said gruffly, Cassiopeia just nodded and grabbed for a pen. The form was simple enough. Name? Cassiopeia Gojira. Country of Birth? Kaijū-jima. Current Residence? Amber Island. Current Occupation? Guild Mage. Current Guild: Dies Irae. Current Mage Rank? D-Rank. Age? Twenty three. Height? Seven foot two. Weight? Four hundred and sixty five pounds. Hair color? Black. Eye color? Orange. Gender? Female. Marital Status? Single.

    At last, after what took far too long Cassiopeia had filled out the form. She quickly signed and dated it then handed it back over to the woman at the desk. "Is that everything?" She asked anxiously, eager to put this errand behind her.

    The woman at the desk just shook her head no as she adjusted her glasses and looked over the paperwork. "No, there's a two hundred jewel processing fee for new passports." She said nonchalantly, as she went about her own paperwork stamping various things and signing off on others. Cassiopeia wanted to tell her that was highway robbery for a passport, but held her tongue and rifled through her pockets for the jewels.

    "There." The Kaijin said irritably, handing over the money. The woman took it without question, tallied it up, and found the amount acceptable. She turned to leave, returning a minute later with a shiny new leather bound passport embossed with the Fiorian seal. Cassiopeia took it in hand, opening it and rifling through the details to see that they were all accurate. The clerk shouted 'Next' and a large man and his family barged up behind Cassiopeia. More grateful this errand was over than annoyed at their rudeness, the Kaijin gathered up her things and hurriedly took off. She still had a ship back to Minstrel to catch, and was more than ready to put this day behind her.

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