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    The Assassin's Arsenal

    Artemis Dagger
    Artemis Dagger

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    The Assassin's Arsenal  Empty The Assassin's Arsenal

    Post by Artemis Dagger 29th June 2019, 6:39 am

    The Assassin's Arsenal  U5RWlgl

    Magic Name: The Assassin's Arsenal
    Magic Type: Solitary Requip :: Character can have up to 4 Requip spells active at once.  
    Artemis was bestowed with a family heirloom that allows him to tap into his some of Father's Requip magic and use it for his own. Infused with the power that Morte gives him, he is able to walk in the footsteps of a true Dagger. The weapons belonged have all been acquired by Lucarius Dagger over the year and Artemis can only access weapons his father permits him to. These weapons are designed to empower Artemis as an assassin and to give him the tools it takes to lead Hidden Blades; The underworlds most lethal underground agency.

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