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    The Wrong Flowers (Event/Sonya)

    Lehanna Seraph
    Lehanna Seraph

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    The Wrong Flowers (Event/Sonya) Empty The Wrong Flowers (Event/Sonya)

    Post by Lehanna Seraph 22nd June 2019, 11:39 am

    Lexi & Ariel
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    The pair of twins had arrived just a little bit early to the festivities at hand. They -mostly being Alexander- wanted to take his sister out and do something together that they could enjoy. She had been so inclined to stay indoors and away from everything for so long it began to worry him, so he had to do something to help her get into the spirit a little more. He looked her over and without even really needing her to take a measurement, he guessed in her size and bought her a new set of some clothes for tonight. Nothing fancy, but a pair of booty shorts in a camouflage pattern as well as a black tank top was what the blue haired twin wore, along with her hooded jacket that, despite being summer had to have with her. It was a safe measure for her and he understood that. The feminine looking male on the other hand had chosen a white blouse with a pink pleated skirt that reached to his knees. His hair braided as normal, he had enjoyed a little more fun in letting his sister have the chance to braid it for him recently, something to help her feel a little more normal if it could at all.

    It was always the little things that he tried to do that would set the girl off. Some things that he didn’t mean to say some ways or just the fact of it being misinterpreted the wrong way had harsh lashing effects on the girl. Normal humor wasn’t something that Ariel was real keen on picking out at first, and the trap made the mistake of hearing him joke about being a lab rat. The blue haired girl began to freak out for a moment before she pushed him over and stormed off into the woods around their camp, her hood up over her head and disappearing into the shadows. Chasing after, Lexi began to search around, but the twin girl was much more adept at stealth, getting far away from him and never looking back until she’d tripped over a tree root, gasping as she’d suddenly knocked into someone’s legs and tripped them too, finally halting as she was underneath the person she fell over, looking up in a slight millisecond of a haze. ”Are you ok, Alex-” She paused, seeing that she wasn’t tripping over her twin, but another stranger, a pink haired woman. Now, she clammed up, her face flushing and unsure of what to do next.


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