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    Broom for a Car?


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    Broom for a Car? Empty Broom for a Car?

    Post by Wren on 22nd June 2019, 9:04 am

    763/500 words || @tagged || Motor City Rush / Page 16, Post n°388 || Driver roll
    It wasn’t long after Wren had gotten her passport that she had started to talk around to other people that had gotten their passports. She had questioned if the passport was the only way to have an ID here in… well Fiore she found out after receiving the passport. Others told her that she could get an iLac, whatever that was, but someone else said to try to get her drivers license. It was easy to get if one knew how to drive. They gave her a map of the country, and told her where to go… across the country to a city called Motor City… Well, that ought to be fun. She hadn’t driven anything besides her broom. Would she need her license to ride that? A snort escaped her lips as she straddled over the broom and let it start lifting itself up. Nanny had perched herself in front of Wren and balanced herself perfectly while the broom lifted itself up. “We’re on our way, Nanny.” She tells her as she holds the map in one hand, trying to find where she was at.

    Eventually, the little orange haired girl had made her way to the city that she was instructed to, and she blinked. This city was crawling with strange people who were riding in things that didn’t fly like her broom. Magical in their own way it seemed! She gasped as she let her broom take her around the city, wondering what exactly she could find here! This was new magic to her, and she wanted to know about it, but once she looked to the sky, she frowned. It seemed dark with all the mechanics and buildings here it seemed. Shaking her head, she made her way towards the driving school. The flashing neon sign was enough to show her where she needed to go. Surprisingly, this place had the same language as Sailkian, which made Wren’s life all the more easier already. She lands her broom, slipping off, and makes her way towards the school. There were a few people already in there. Some people seemed excited, others nervous. Wren takes a deep breath and walks up to the window.

    “How may I help you?” “I’d like to get my drivers license please?” She says with a smile. “Aren’t you a bit young to get your drivers license, sir?” Wren stiffened again and purses her lips. “I am twenty-four… and I am a girl…” She holds up the newly acquired passport that also said the same thing she had just said. The woman at the window blinks as she read the passport, then sighs and punches a number into her device before giving Wren a slip of paper. “Wait here, your instructor will be out momentarily.”

    The little orange haired girl waits more than a few minutes before someone called her name and she went out through the doors. She never drove before… So this would be interesting. As soon as she would get in the car, the woman sitting next to her sighed deeply. “Hayden… nice name… You want to start driving? Give it some gas, and start going.” She says as Wren sits there. She actually didn’t know how to drive this thing. “So… do you know how to drive?” The brown eyed girl looked over to her instructor. “Of course, that pedal is the go, that’s the stop, and this lever puts you in the right shift. D is for drive, R is for reverse, N is neutral, P is park. You keep your foot on the break when in park to put it in reverse and slowly ease off, then to put it in drive you…" Wren couldn’t help but smile as she started slightly following what the woman said. Nanny was hiding in the back of the car, under Wren's hat, and was quiet the whole time. The woman who was giving the drivers test seem to not shut up, and kept on fiddling with the radio and ac, and occasionally pointing out across the city as they drove along. Wren would glance, and continued to drive. She was a little shaky at first, but with her constantly questioning her instructor about driving, and her willingly chatting away and giving it, Wren was able to somehow get it done. They make it back to the school, and Wren goes to the window with her ticket saying she had passed. Next moment, she had her picture taken, and a laminated card placed in her hands. She had gotten her license and another ID.

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