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    Solo mission time for oro pt2

    Orokana Yuhi
    Orokana Yuhi

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    Completed Solo mission time for oro pt2

    Post by Orokana Yuhi 22nd June 2019, 8:54 am

    The undead mage looked at a baby sitting there looking at him. He was confused of how he get there. He meet a nice couple as he was walking past the town but he bumped into them by mistake and the young woman fell and broke so many of her stores wares she was carrying. He offered to pay for it as it was his mistake but they asked him to watch there kid since they have to get to another town. They also said they if he could teach the kid how to walk they would pay him as along as its done by the time they came back. The baby just looked at the mages red mask and made grabby hands at it as he shakes his head and slowly pets the young child while shaking his head no. He sat up and picked up the baby as he carried it on the couch in the young couples home. He started to hold it up and had it slowly walk forward. then let go of the baby as it move forward on its own but fell on the couch and started to giggle. When he was alive he loved kids because he thought they where cute but now, as an undead necromancer that only wants to bring fear and death, this kid was annoying. He sighed and picked up the kid again to make him walk more. He mumbled curses and swears to himself as he tried over and over, only for naught as he watched the kid fall each time and giggle. He threw his arms in the air and rubbed the mask. He decided he wasnt going to finish this job and walked into the kitchen to make the kid some milk. He did as the mother told him to do. Making the milk warm as he made sure it wasnt too hot for the baby. Then walked into the room he left the kid in to see him walking up stairs. The undead man swore as the kid already knew how to walk but was just a lazy baby and didnt want to. He ran up the stairs to follow the baby as it walked into its room and started to play with some kids toys. It looked happy and was giggling as he sat near it and handed it the bottle of warm milk. the baby looked excited and started to drink the milk as it looks at him. He mumbles and smiles as he gets an idea. He takes the kids toy and walks away with it. As the kid makes a whining noise and follows him as he chuckles and hears the parents walk in the door. They saw him walking down stairs as the parents ask about the kid, and then moments later the kid walks down the stairs and follows Orokana for the toy making more noises of protest. He chuckles and gives the kid the toy and pets him. Orokana gestured to the kid and said he taught the kid how to walk as the parents looked excited and handed him some money. He gave a farewell and chuckles as he leaves the happy family to their own devices.

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    Solo mission time for oro pt2 OroSig_80

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