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    Post by Ahote on 21st June 2019, 12:01 pm

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    Oh, poor, poor mister Trevor Willet! How unfortunate his fate turned out to be! No one could have anticipated such misfortune! No one could have suspected that such a harmless boy would be done such wrong! No one except, of course, Ahote Laspor and Jason Hershall, who knew the whole truth behind why such a harmless young man's insides were spilling across a public road in Honsenka.

    Ahote Laspor was only known to the world as Jericho at the time of the murder, and while he and Jason Hershall were in on this scheme together, he and he alone would be the one and only person to ever know the truth behind poor Trevor Willet's demise.

    Trevor Willet was spilling over the road after being hit head-on by a passing delivery truck. Upon inspection, local authorities would find an older, middle-aged man in around his forties at the front wheel with his head split open against the window. It would've appeared as he had crashed into the poor Trevor Willet when in reality, he was framed. Who had really been driving was one of Ahote's clever Elder Liches, who killed the man beforehand and simply planted him where he was sitting now before dissipating into nothingness. There was no trace of there ever being framing, no trace of any unsavory collusion, no trace of any scheming. There was nothing left to consider, and conclusively, it had simply been a fatal car accident and the world would simply have to accept that for an answer.

    There was no one at the crime scene to mourn him and the driver who died with the poor Trevor Willet wouldn't live to face the consequences of the manslaughter. The crowd descended into panic and Jericho watched all of this unfold from a rooftop in the distance.

    He was recalling why Trevor Willet had to die. What wrong did he do? He didn't care, of course, and bore no sympathy to the corpse that could hardly contain itself from spilling everywhere, but he also was terribly curious about what made people so determined to cause problems. This incident wasn't special. No one would remember it, for sure. And those who did would remember it as an unfortunate accident. But for Jason Hershall, it was the only business action he could take to ensure his family's security. The poor Trevor Willet was not, in fact, poor, but a menace and a threat to Jason Hershall's livelihood! When you look at it that way, Jericho thought, the menacing Trevor Willet had to die! Or maybe that was complete nonsense?

    He didn't know and spent a lot of time mulling over this until he finally, like most things, resolved with his common slogan; "Swallows and sparrows know not the thoughts of geese and swan." He would no longer mull over the ideas and concepts of which were beyond him and would settle for a job well done than a meaningless revelation or moment of clarity.

    He sighed a relieved sigh and nodded triumphantly, "Alright. Next mission."

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