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    A Goddesses Request

    Odette Lovelaw
    Odette Lovelaw

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    A Goddesses Request Empty A Goddesses Request

    Post by Odette Lovelaw on 17th June 2019, 7:36 pm

    Word count: 763 (not including words from job description)

    "Aaaahhhhh!" Odette yelled as she fell. Why was she falling? Well it probably had something to do with a strange portal opening beneath her as she entered Hargeon Town Train Station, sucking both her and Haven into it. The wolf in question quickly made his way over to his mistress mid-air to give her an awkward furry hug with the intent to cover her landing. Which tuns out was not needed, as they abruptly stopped falling right before they hit the ground.

    “Ooops, sorry about that dear~” A beautiful woman with green hair giggled sheepishly, a young man wearing a strange angel-like costume facepalming behind her.

    “Who- who are you and why did you kidnap me?!” Odette demanded, scrambling to get off her startled companion.

    The woman ignored her and started talking even as Odette tried to interrupt her. "Hello there, mage! (‘How did you know that?!”) And thanks for answering my call and totally not just choosing this job for its simple requirements and low word count! (“what call?! And what the heck are you talking about?!”) I am Completely Inconspicuous Goddess, and I am here with my assistant, The Shouta Angel." (“… What kind of stupid fake names are that…?”)

    "Uh, what do you mean by 'word count?' And why are you calling us those weird names, Lady Paluten-AHHHHHHH" The boy said, and Odette mimicked his questions only for a beam of light blasts the angel away, and you're left with just the goddess there to talk to to girl, who wisely decided to shut up.

    "Copyrights, Shouta Angel... duh. Anyways, mage, it would be great if you joined forces with us to stop a bunch of bad guys at a ton of planets far away. In order to do that, however, you must first fill out this job application! Simple enough, and free EXP for you!"

    Odette gave up questioning the logic of the situation. Plus, her Eagle Eye’s showed nothing but sincere honestly in the woman, and she didn’t actually hurt the angel boy. Haven also seemed at ease around her, which convinced Odette more than anything else did. Taking the pen and clipboard, Odette began to fill out the form.
    1. What is your full birth name? Odette Lovelaw
    2. Any nicknames? Oddie
    3. How old are you? 14 years old
    4. If immortal or slow-ageing, what is your apparent age? … really just 14, but I sometimes get mistaken as younger
    5. Where were you born? The City of Era
    6. Who were your parents? Annette Lovelaw and unknown Father
    7. Do you have any siblings? Not that I know of
    8. Where do you live now? Anywhere with a proper bed and allows pets
    9. Who do you live with? Haven and Rosaschwert
    10. Are you right or left-handed? Right handed
    11. What words/phrases do you regularly use? I’m told I say ‘Hey!’ loudly a lot
    12. Name some habits or strange quirks you have? People say I tend to glare at them for no reason. Little do you know I can see their lying bastards…
    13. Height: 5’4”
    14. Weight: None of your business. You shouldn’t ask a lady such things!
    15. Skin Tone: Fair
    16. Body Shape: Same answer as 14
    17. Hair: Pink
    18. Eyes: Blue
    19. Face Shape: round
    20. Everyday Dress Style: A white and pink dress, white and pink stripped socks, white and green shoes, a green leaf pink and a cute green bow on top!  
    21. Formal Dress Style: I own this really pretty blue and white flower themed dress. And a green ruffled one.  And a flowery pink kimono. I should probably save my money for important things…
    22. Any Jewellery? My bows and green leaf pin!
    23. Any Scars? No, not yet thankfully
    24. Tattoos? Heck no!
    25. How would you describe your childhood in general? It kinda sucked; I was the adult in the family. It could have been worse though
    26. What is your earliest memory? Being locked in that stupid chest
    27. How much schooling have you had? 6 years of mage school
    28. Did you enjoy school? Not really. Everyone around me were liars
    29. Where did you learn most of your skills/abilities? From school and trying stuff out on my own! Haven and Rosaschwert really helped when they arrived!
    30. Any role models while growing up? The honourable knights of old, defeater of bullies!
    31. What did you want to be when you grew up? Independent and able to take care of Haven on my own!
    32. What was your favourite thing to do? Play spirts and watch magic fights!
    33. Were you popular? No
    34. Who were your friends? Haven and Rosaschwert
    35. When and who was your first kiss? Sh-shup up! I’m still young!

    Suddenly the clip board was taken from her hands. “That’s enough!” Said the so-called goddess, despite Odette’s protest that there were still more questions.  “No need, you barley answered most of them properly anyways! But still… you passed! I can tell while you have your faults, you’re a nice and honest girl who just needs a push in the right direction and some more friends, right Shouta Angel?” The woman called to her companion, who stopped paying with Haven to nod at her. “I look forward to working with you in the future Odette! Here, take this outfit as a reward! Bye bye!”

    “What?!” Odette’s yell was muffled as some angel clothes were thrown at her face and she felt the ground open from under her again. One screaming fit later she was back in Hargeon town with Haven, the angel clothes the only proof that craziness actually happened.

    [Job Done]

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