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    The Story of Odette

    Odette Lovelaw
    Odette Lovelaw

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    The Story of Odette Empty The Story of Odette

    Post by Odette Lovelaw on 17th June 2019, 1:19 am

    The History of Odette Lovelaw

    Annette Lovelaw was born and raised in the city of Era’s Orphanage. As a magicless and generally unskilled woman, she worked constant odd jobs to sustain herself until she found a good job as a waitress at a lower city bar. There she also earned extra cash by sleeping with willing costumers, which is how she became pregnant with Odette. But motherhood did not suite the short-tempered and impatient Annette one bit, especially with constantly falling mental health driven by drug use, overwork and lack of respect she gets as a mere and easily abused waitress.

    This gave Odette a less than happy childhood under her mother’s roof with the girl constantly feeling the need and pressured into taking care of her mother even at a young age, causing the girl to mature quickly. Needing the extra money now that she had a daughter to take care of, and her drug use becoming more and more expensive, Annette became more active in taking male customers into the Lovelaw’s house. Whenever a customer was over Odette was locked in a small trunk, the root of her claustrophobia. Annette also had the habit of being verbally abusive, constantly comparing her daughter to other people’s children and putting her down which was the start of her self-esteem issues. But Odette never took her mothers words without a fight, always willing to argue with the woman and challenge her authority. This was how Odette become so aggressive and assertive. It was also due to her mother’s constant dependence on her and selfishness that even at a young age Odette dreamed of being independent and hated her need to depend on her mother for food and housing.

    This need to stand on her own two feet and finding out she was a mage caused Odette to wander Era to seek her own fortune. She stole money from her mother and did odd jobs to be able to attend a lower-class Mages School. Unfortunately, this was also when her Lineage began to show and she could tell when people were being truthful to her and made them very easy to read. This made her jaded when it came to her fellow classmates and teachers, and later people in general, seeing how often people lied and deceived each other.

    But Odette’s life changed when she was 12 because that was the year she met Haven. It was in the black market of Era. Odette was looking for her mother who had been gone for three days and got a tip from an acquittance that she was in the area. Usually, a pretty young girl should be nowhere near this place, but Odette’s Eagle Eye’s made it easier for her to predict and avoid people trying to approach her. It was when she was passing the illegal monster trade area that she made eye contact with a beautiful wolf puppy with fur of gold and a brilliant white. Odette felt an instant and fate filled connection with this glowing wolf and set out to free it. After many hours of stalking the supplier, getting the key to the cage and planning her escape., Odette made it back home with a new friend in her arms. She then proceeded to argue with her mother for days (after Annette appeared again) over keeping the pup, which Odette won. She then named the Holy Wolf Haven, and they have been inseparable ever since.

    Her second fateful encounter happened later that year and was much briefer. A mysterious cloaked person claiming to be the ally of Odette’s father appeared on the Lovelaw’s doorstep with a sword in hand, telling Odette its name and that it simply belonged to her before leaving. This was how she gained The Holy Blade, Rosaschwert. From there she developed magic made specially to work alongside her two trusted companions and based off the knights of old she admired, the defeater of bullies.

    The next big event to happen to her was her graduation from Mage School and becoming entirely fed up with her mothers’ selfishness at the age of 14. It was at this point that Odette knew that she needed to start a new chapter of her life and gain the independence she always dreamed of. And to do this she decided to go along with the career of the only things she was mildly good at; magic and fighting. Thus she became a mage alongside her trusted companion Haven and joined the guild Sabertooth. But she also had a mystery that haunted her all of her life and only intensified after receiving her Holder Weapon; who is her mage father and how did he make Rosaschwert end up in her hands? While she wasn’t so sure about the idea of having a ‘father’, not after finally ditching her dependant and abusive mother, the mystery around this man is what is currently driving Odette along with seeking her fortune.

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