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    SaberTail Meetup!

    Tyson Rhodes
    Tyson Rhodes

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    Completed SaberTail Meetup!

    Post by Tyson Rhodes 16th June 2019, 12:34 pm

    What a nice day. Clear skies and no clouds. Just a slight bit of breeze. The perfect conditions for a nice evening dinner in one of Ace of Spades coolest restaruants. It wasn't a super chic thing, nor one of those pompous locales where you need to be all nice and with gala suits n stuff. No, it was a nice little place with a nice way to serve dinner.

    The Rose Garden, it was called. While it had a nice cozy interior, the best thing was the namesake's rose garden the place also had. In there, you could literally order and eat outside, gazing at the night sky and listening to a very talented jazz band. Tyson always liked eating outside. It reminded him of his old days in Hunting Village. All around a nice fireplace, with meat gathered from the hunts that had taken place during the day or the night prior.

    As the Slayer managed to approach the place, he noticed someone who looked like a mage...who looked like he was looking for someone, or something. Tyson's curiosity was piqued. He slowly approached the man, waving his hand to get his attention. "H-hey there! are you lost?" He asked. "Name's Tyson. Tyson Rhodes. From Sabertooth. Is there anything I can help you with?"


    SaberTail Meetup! Ce3VVKj

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