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    The Boy Who Leaped Through Time ( B Rank Exam)


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    The Boy Who Leaped Through Time ( B Rank Exam) Empty The Boy Who Leaped Through Time ( B Rank Exam)

    Post by Ghost 14th June 2019, 4:47 pm

    Tick tock tick tock tick rock the spider went up to the clock. "Now why in the world would a spider go up a clock? This is so like a horror movie and that poor clock. I bet she was so scared poor little thing you." As usual Ghost was enjoying his nursery rhymes, however. To him, they were more like horror books. It's been quite the weeks now that he was to be a B rank wizard. Not only that his name was starting to gain more respect as well. Doing his adventures he hasn't come across any time wizards and lost only once. Could this be a sign he has improved who knows?

    Still, as he was reading the book a small portal would open. From that portal, a letter would arrive from it. Ghost would look odd very odd as this letter came to him. But who could have sent it? As he slowly but surely reached for it. He would open it and begin to read it. Very interesting the details of this was. But was it a job or what? " Clearly it is but from who I wonder?" Looking at the name of the sender he was shocked to see who it came from. "First the Master and now an Ace huh. It looks like my talent is going notice. So let's see here it appears as if this is a time problem. Very well it appears as if a town has gone missing in time. Very well I will never find this time traveling town along. I just might need to go ask time itself." With that Ghost would take off to go do this job. A job in which he was personally picked for. Looking on he would make his way into the guild hall.

    There he saw the crate with the said item in it. He would go to receive it from the crate. An orb that could stop time movement. This very thing could shake a battlefield itself. But what was so special about such a thing? Maybe people wasn't use to time being stopped in this world of theirs. However, what did fascinate him was how they managed to create such a weapon. It has taken a truly skilled wizard to pull off such a thing. Ghost would think such things as he made his way out of the guild hall. He was one to think clearly and fast. However, catching a time jumping town was something of its own, which left him one chance at finding it. "I will have to go to the Master Clock. Only it can tell me what I want to know." With that Ghost would make his way to the time dome. A special place only timekeepers or truly powerful time wizards were allowed to go.

    A few moments would pass for him as he made it to the time dome. Ghost would smile as he saw all of the phantom-like clocks ticking. This very place could tell you the time of anything and I do mean anything from your death or even your great-grandchildren births. But one thing the Master Clock will not do and that is mess with time. So just how will he Ghost achieve such a thing. Simply put. He will live in the town before it turned into a time-leaping town. Ghost would walk into the master Clock chambers. It was a long narrow hallway with blue lights shining every each way. The Master Clock was not a very big clock but a simple pocket watch. So small it could fit right in your hands. Ghost would look around to see the other timekeepers were away at the moment which was a good thing. A very good thing for him as he took the Matter Clock. His eyes would glow a light blue as he began to search time for the first time the town came about. Soon enough he would locate the town. This town was called the town of Saka.

    "So Saka town I see it is this town that is leaping all over the place. So what I could do is just go there and place the orb that way it will not go time leaping. After all, this is a timekeeper job to watch over time itself. But it is highly frowned upon to use the Master Clock and is against the law of time itself. However, I stayed in trouble so this was not something new just stupid." Soon Ghost would active the Master Clock as it opened the door to the town of Saka. Ghost would smile as he turned around to see the town. It looks like an old western town sort to speak. As Ghost looked around he was looking for what would cause the town to leap from time to time.

    Unfortunately for him, it was just a plain old boring old town. Next Ghost would call fort a time clone of his. This clone was a real deal copy if him. From his magic right down to his DNA. It was all the same. "I'm quite sure you know what is up. I will leave you here and you will watch over the town. Today is the day the town start to skip time. I need you to stay here and see why by you being here I will be able to locate you no matter how far you are in time. So good luck time copy me I will see you in three centuries." Soon Ghost would return to his time window. Seeing as timekeeper's do not age. This should be a piece of cake.

    Meanwhile back at the town of Saka time copy Ghost was holding on to the orb. Tossing and back and forth from hand to hand. "So bored but I wonder they said this thing can stop the town from leaping through time. But what if I ultraviolet it causing it to stop now. That way even if the town tries to skip time it won't. Then I could go play it will e awesome." Soon time copy Ghost would start to feed the orb his time magic and magic from a timekeeper was the ultimate treat for a time power object. Soon the orb would start to shake as it turned red. It was as if the time orb was rejecting his magic. The town folk of Saka would stop as the sky turned red as well as their eyes.

    Time copy Ghost would start to back up as the orb was floating high above the sky. As he looked around the town was starting to fade away. "Oh no I'm the reason the town started to skip this is bad. I need to try and stop this now-" However before he could finish what he was saying. The orb. Would zap him as he screamed in pain. Follow by the screaming of the town folk.

    Soon back in the present-day Ghost would sense that his time copy was near. As he was sleeping he would wake up. Looking at the Master Clock he would give a big smile. "Yep right on TIME I may say myself." The time joke had him in tears as he went to the town location. Not long after he made it there however it did not look the same. It was creepier than ever. But something was off his time copy was here Saka town should have been in better condition than this. An old man would walk up behind Ghost. "It's about time you got here Ghost The TimeKeeper." Ghost would slowly turn around as he was in shock at what he just saw. He was staring at an old version of himself. Confused how he got so old as his time copy would point at him. "Time seal" Soon Ghost would be trapped in a seal of time unable to move at all.

    Time copy Ghost would smile as zombie-like people would start to surround him. "I cast off that name of your boy. From this moment on you will call me Clockwork and I plan to rule the world. How you may ask simply put I will use the Master Clock to start the DOOMSDAY TIMER. With that, I will accelerate the timer on it. Destroying all in the universe expect me. At the end of it all, I will restart time and set it to my liking boy." Clockwork would walk over towards Ghost as he took the Master Clock from him. A tear would fall from Ghost right eye. As he watched Clockwork walk away from him. "Oh, by the way, you will witness first hand at how to become a god the only god." Ghost looked on as the time zombies got closer to him just as they got in range of him. He yelled out His Time Bomb spell. A spell which would explode like an impact bomb.

    Clockwork would look back to see the time zombies were quickly defeated. As Ghost looked up at him Clockwork was wondering how he escaped. "Did you honestly thought I would just walk into a place like this not prepared did you. Well, you see that was a time copy you just sealed but you got the Master Clock I will give you that. But you forget that we are no I am a fairy tail wizard buddy. So prepare yourself for defeat." Ghost would say that with fury in his eyes as Clockwork started to laugh. "You defeat me you do realize I am a wizard who powers just very well equal an S rank you have no way of winning boy." Soon Ghost would lunch at him. Throwing punches each and every way. However, Clockwork was quick to easily block them all. Soon Ghost opts to use his Time magic, however, Clockwork used the spell Time Still. This spell will freeze anything in place including a spell being used.

    This will last for as long as the user will it to be. Soon Clockwork would rush at Ghost and punch him in his soul cage knocking him back and down. He would follow it up with a fury of punches. Ghost opt not to use more spells seeing as they were useless against his more powerful self. Laying down defeated Ghost would cough up blood as Clockwork looked down at him. "Silly boy lucky for you I can't kill you but it is unlucky for you because I shall fuse with your life force. Now watch as I start the DOOMSDAY TIMER and become a god."

    Soon Clockwork would point the Master Clock to the sky as he began to say the fifth Law of time. All was going to plan until. The Master Clock activated its own timer. But something was up with Clockwork as he was stuck in that position. He couldn't even talk just then Ghost would slowly get up. He would start to laugh at Clockwork in high fashion. "As I said before you forgot two things and here is the last one. You see the Master Clock did not active its defense mode when I was using it. Because it knows I was going to do nothing like reset time. However you, on the other hand, was going to try it. So you know where TimeKeepers go that was bad don't you Clockwork? That is an easy question we all go to a place where time sit still and that is TIMEOUT." Soon a portal would open as it sucked Clockwork in.

    The Rune Knight arrived just in time to see this happening. That was odd Ghost thought as he turned to them he would say "it is about TIME we wrap this case up and I shall go report back to Fairy Tail." Returning the Master Clock Ghost would set off to Fairy Tail.


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