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    Twisted Laws (Charlotte's C-Rank Trial)

    Charlotte Alderidge
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    Twisted Laws (Charlotte's C-Rank Trial) Empty Twisted Laws (Charlotte's C-Rank Trial)

    Post by Charlotte Alderidge 11th June 2019, 9:53 pm

    Charlotte was in Shirotsume for business! She didn't have anyone with her this time, no maid to do her dirty work. It was very depressing. Work always was! It seems that she was always somewhere doing something for someone and she didn't like it. Charlotte wanted to do something for herself! But it seemed that being a mage was a lot more work than she expected, especially when you were in a dark guild that hated all laws. Personally, Charlotte never had any real problems with the laws. Well, a few. She didn't like the one about killing. Why should taking what you want be a crime? Whatever. Those foolish laws and their idiot makers were going to learn a lesson today!

    You see, one of the lawmakers from Bosco was eating dinner with his wife right now which Charlotte had found out from one of the locals. She had another plan previously, but this just seemed to fall right into the palm of her hand. Charlotte went to that very restaurant, claiming to the host that she was the man's daughter she easily got a seat at their table. They were confused at first, but from the look on Charlotte's face, they could tell they needed to keep quiet. "Good. You're smarter than you look." She said with a smile in the nicest tone she could muster, to avoid any further suspicion. They tried to open their mouths and speak but Charlotte refused to let them.

    "I think you know what's happening here so I'll make it really quick. You can either cancel your plans and return to Bosco, or I'll kill your wife right now." The man was shocked but not scared enough to just stop. He needed more and so he spoke up. "This is preposterous! I won't back down based on empty threats little girl." He said, standing up and slamming his fist on the table. Charlotte snapped her fingers and everyone in the restaurant got up and left. "How did yo-" Charlotte shushed up, waving her index finger in the air. "It's amazing what a family name and money can accomplish. There are no witnesses, are you sure you want to cross me?" Charlotte laughed and giggled. She had won. It was so easy! The Bosco lawmaker and his wife were so surprised they could barely speak but they still had a little fight left in them. "This isn't the end. That law WILL pass. You can't stop me." The man was brave, that was for certain, but he shouldn't have messed with Charlotte. Taking a knife from the table she maneuvered herself behind his wife and held the blade to her throat.

    "You see how simple it is? You're powerless. Why don't you take your wife and your dignity back to Bosco, while you still have them." At this point, the man had literally peed his pants and the minute Charlotte released his wife they ran out and she was certain they wouldn't come back anytime soon.

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    Twisted Laws (Charlotte's C-Rank Trial) REf1pk6

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