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    RK vs The Giant Killer Robot

    Tsubasa Kageyama
    Tsubasa Kageyama

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    RK vs The Giant Killer Robot Empty RK vs The Giant Killer Robot

    Post by Tsubasa Kageyama on 11th June 2019, 3:54 pm

    Job Info:

    “Kameyama, isn’t it?” One of the desk workers at the central office had contacted Kameyama through Optix, his personal iLac. As he rode through town he spoke through the headset designed by his apprentice, Mizuki. It allowed him to keep his attention on the road while the two of them traveled towards their destination.

    “Yes, sir.” Kameyama responded, “How can I be of assistance?” He made a quick gesture towards Mizuki to pull over. Whenever the Rune Knights contacted him it usually meant a change of direction. As they headed towards the side of the road, he turned a small fraction of his attention back to the communication.

    “We’ve got a job for you. With your recently gained skillset you should be able to handle it reasonably well. Are you aware of Heaven’s Wrath?”

    “Comes down quickly and without mercy, sure.”
    Kameyama responded, a little too quickly. “Or are you talking about something less literal?”

    “It’s the name of a guild, actually.”
    The central office worker said, “A self-proclaimed dark guild that has tried a few times to take over the central government of Fiore.”

    “And we need to bring them in?”
    Kameyama frowned slightly. This wasn’t the type of mission he would want to bring Mizuki on, but he’d left her out of guild jobs recently, and he could only do it so many times. By now the two of them had pulled over and he was sitting on his makeshift motorcycle with her looking inquisitively towards him. Within a few moments she’d gotten bored and pulled from her pack a small device of some sort.

    “Not quite. To make a long story short, they’ve acquired a massive mechanical suit called The Tesseract. This thing was designed to hold off entire naval fleets. Some reports say it could be powerful enough to bring an entire country to heel. If this thing gets to the Royal Castle, it’s game over.”

    “And you want me to…?”

    “Take it down. This thing needs to be neutralized, but it remains a very valuable asset for its company. Therefore it must be disabled, but not destroyed.”

    “This thing might present an end to Fiore as we know it, and the company’s worried about their assets?” Kameyama said, with mild disgust. He knew that money made the world go ‘round but surely there was a limit?

    “Be that as it may, those are your orders. You’ve got until it leaves the Canyon to complete the job. The higher ups feel that with your metal magic, you may be able to disable it or something.”

    “Or something.” Kameyama repeated. “I hope you know that I use raw metal. Technology isn’t really my strong point. If you needed it destroyed, I could likely infiltrate it and overload it from within, but shutting it down somehow is a little beyond my ability.”

    “Don’t worry, you’ll have back up. Since this isn’t something we want getting around, we’re sending in a pair of Spec Ops agents. Do you remember Agent Stern?”



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    Shane Stern
    Shane Stern

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    RK vs The Giant Killer Robot Empty Re: RK vs The Giant Killer Robot

    Post by Shane Stern on 13th June 2019, 3:07 am

    Shane sat in the briefing room, which some men called Decon. It was short for Decontamination, which was where every Spec Ops operative would be briefed and debriefed following a new job. He had been notified of a job that would require his skill set, and had been set to meet one of the higher ups in the Spec Ops division for a one-to-one briefing. The blonde Rune Knight sat back in his chair in a relaxed manner, putting his right ankle above his left knee to hold his right leg up. From his posture, Shane would look much more at home in a café than here.

    The room was Spartan, only containing a long wooden table completely sprayed in white and chairs running down the length of the table with some gap between them. Shane was seated near the end of the table lengthwise, giving him a clear view of the door directly in front of him. When it finally opened, Shane saw that it was someone unfamiliar. Frowning but keeping his silence, Shane observed as the young man, around his early twenties fumbled with the chairs to try pulling it away from the table before finally succeeding and sitting down.

    He dropped a thick folder on the table, and then looked at Shane with a sheepish smile. His hand shot out almost immediately after that.

    “Good morning, Shane. My name is Cetera. Is it okay if I call you Shane? I can call you Mr Stern if you prefer,” he said.

    “No worries. Shane’s good. So what do we have today? You aren’t from the Spec Ops division right?” Shane replied with a grin before proceeding to ask his own questions.

    “I am actually. But I’m in the administration department that handles the paperwork,” Cetera answered before proceeding to open his folder and then pushing out pieces of papers towards Shane across the table. “The situation we have today is rather… unique. We’ve got news that Heavens Wrath, one of the higher profile dark guilds that’s been trying again and again to take down the government of Fiore, has started to be active again. They have stolen an extremely high-tech weapon from Isayev Heavy Industries. The weapon is a mechanical suit called the Tesseract, and holds enough power to wage a one-man war on any nation it chooses. With Heavens Wrath history, that means Fiore.”

    While he was amused that the young man could stutter during his own introduction but speaking in rapid machine-gun speed when briefing about the mission, Shane was also paying attention to the information laid out to him. He shifted his posture, leaning forward and resting his elbows on the table before reaching out for the image of the Tesseract in front of him. He whistled when he saw it, appreciating what Isayev Heavy Industries had managed to create.

    “Nice piece of machinery here. So the gist of this mission is to stop this robot, for lack of a better word, from approaching Fiore and launch hell on us right?”

    “In short yes, but there’s one catch to this mission. The client wants the robot back with minimal damage. So instead of just bringing down the robot, you will need to find a way to deactivate it while apprehending the Heavens Wrath members as well.”

    “Are you serious?” Shane shot him an incredulous look.

    “The higher ups said that you will find a way. They are confident that you can do it. And you will also have a partner for this job. Another Spec Ops operative by the name of Raiji Kameyama. I believe you have met him.”

    “Hmm… Then I suppose this could work after all,” Shane mused as he thought about the recent mission that he had completed with Raiji. “So that’s all, right?”

    The moment Cetera nodded, Shane pulled out his iLac and began dialling Raiji’s number. The first two times, Raiji’s number was engaged but he finally got it on the third try.

    “Raiji? Hi, Shane here. I think you’ve gotten your briefing about our new mission? Where should we meet up? I’m in HQ at the moment.”

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