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    The Call Of Nature (Intro/Open)

    Lily Ambrosia
    Lily Ambrosia

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    Post by Lily Ambrosia on Mon Jul 08, 2019 5:22 am

    "I think I'd also prefer it if it was from a dragon. Gods and demons..." Lily sighed, trying to find words to make it sound like she wasn't just hating on them. "They tend to make things complicated for the creatures living in this world. Of course one side may be more aggressive in their destruction but I'd rather have both sides leaving us alone." She was pretty sure that when you resided amongst human that kind of statement could get you into trouble, but for the dryad it was quite true. She may not have met those creatures herself, but during her travels she'd encountered some remnants of their work and while sometimes it seemed like a beneficial influence it largely just made a mess of things.

    Menka's enthusiasm about the prospect of her power originating from a dragon made Lily smile. When they first met just minutes ago this woman had acted like she had no emotions, like she was more a construct than a real person, but here she was passionately pursuing the idea that she had inherited her powers from a dragon, hoping that the creature was still alive somewhere so she could meet it. The green-eyed girl wondered if Menka herself was aware how she was behaving right now. "I'll be hoping that you'll find the chance to meet the origin of your power then. It should also help you figure out how to control your magic without it getting in the way of you feeling things."

    It was kind of strange to sit next to someone who'd calmly eat pieces of metal, but then again for Lily most animals were strange for their eating habits. This bipedal form she was using had the ability to eat and absorb nutrients, but by nature she was more inclined towards just catching sunlight and water, and whatever nutrients she could draw from the earth. If it was already strange to watch animals eat flesh and bone and blood, what did it matter if this one instead ate metal?

    As Menka voiced her concern that she wasn't 'natural' enough for the group Lily quickly shook her head and held up her hands as if to forestall and ward off the raven-haired woman's worries. "Oh, you shouldn't think about it like that. i didn't mean to imply that all of them are fully dedicated to nature. And even if they were I could explain to them your circumstances and it'd be fine. Their defining trait is that they didn't fit in with most civilized folk, so they're just like you. I'm sure they'll have no issue with you. And it's not even like metal is unnatural. It's found in rocks after all." Lily stood up and stretched, grimacing for a moment. "The problem isn't the metal, it's what people do with it. As long as you don't throw poison into the air while crafting metal or use it to mess up the world around you there's no reason to think your nature as a metal user makes you unfit for living in this place."


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