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    A Warriors Fight


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    A Warriors Fight Empty A Warriors Fight

    Post by Adalinda on 10th June 2019, 7:07 pm

    Honorable Death- The Death of a Time-Tested Warrior
    Legal Freeform D
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    The Iron Dragon Slayer

    Adalinda takes a deep breath as she looked at the job paper in her hand. Veles had picked one out, a low job. And it had to do with an old warrior wanting to have an honorable death, and requested someone to come and fight him. She frowns as she looks to the paper. Would she want to die like that? Of an honorable death rather than just of old age? She then shook her head and looked up. That was something she could think about later… No need to worry about dying right now, only about this old mans death. She was to go to Oshibana to meet this man, and had traveled in her dragon form, with the help of Veles surprisingly again. She steps into the little village, and looks around quietly. It was peaceful, friendly, quiet, boring. The dragon slayers blue eyes looked over to the train station not too far from her, and frowns. Vile things.

    She makes her way towards the fighting field that the paper said, and looks around. There were a few people sparing with one another, and an old man sitting on the sideline. She makes her way towards the man, clearing her throat when she gets to him. “Excuse me… Are you Ior Valiir?” She questions as she holds the paper for the request in her hands. The old man looked up and smiled to her. “Yes, I am… you must be the one who accepted my job. I’ll pay you now.” He motioned to the bag of jewels sitting next to him as he shakily got up from where he sat. “Please, don’t take it easy on me…” Ada shook her head. “No. I want to have a bit of a fight. I’m not going to make you go down without much of one.” She smirks as she crossed her arms over her chest. “Kid… I’ve lived for eighty years… I want to go to Valhalla… I suppose putting up more of a fight will help me get there instead of going to Hel.” A smirk was on Ada’s lips as she nods to him. Now he was getting it.

    The dragon slayer looks around and then goes over to a weapons rack. She picked up a simple sword and makes her way to the field that Ior went to. He was holding a kite shield and a double edged longsword. She smiles as she holds her sword out to the side, like one would hold a fencing sword. “Please, attack first.” She calls out to him. He shook his head. You come attack me. Give me something to fight.” Ada takes a deep breath after closing her eyes, and nods to him a bit. She opens her eyes and glares to the old man. She wasn’t going to use any of her strength, that wouldn’t be fair. She wasn’t even going to be using her magic either. She ran after him, not even using her full speed, and* raised her sword she was borrowing. The old man had raised up his shield, and Adalinda grins. “Show me what a warrior does before I send you where you belong!” She encourages him while she backed off before going back after him from a slightly different angle.

    Ior snorts at Adalinda as he smiles to her, going after her with his own sword. Ada raised her sword and blocked his attack. “Come on! I thought warriors were better than this?! Show me what you got!” She shouts as she shoves him a bit. “Warriors are strong! Attack me with all you got!” She jogs after the man again, and he raised his sword once again, in which Ada raised her arm and shoved herself on the shield while trying to tap her sword around the shield, but he raised his sword to block hers. “That’s what I’m talking about! Be a man worth going to Valhalla! Show me how a warrior fights!” She shoves herself off of Ior once again as she holds her sword with two hands, starting to circle the old man slowly while keeping her eyes on him. Ior held his sword as he matched her steps. “You fight well, kid. I can see why a warrior like yourself accepted my job…” She grins a bit as she nods. She lets him come at her again, and grins to herself as she held up her sword to block him again. “I wanted to learn how a warrior fights, and I felt that a fight to the death would have been well worth it.” ‘And because I made you.’ Veles mutters. Veles just wanted Ada to see what a warrior looked like, and how to have a warriors heart. That isn’t to say that Ada herself didn’t have one, but he wanted her to see it on someone else.

    Ior went after Adalinda, holding up his sword and aiming for her chest. Ada quickly dodges to the side and smacks her sword against his shield, pushing him back. His shield was starting to crack from all her hits. “You might want to be careful. You keep on using your shield, and I’ll break it.” “That is fine! The shield is nothing if you break it!” He laughs as he goes after her again. Adalinda holds up her sword. She noticed out of the corner of her eye, that a crowd was starting to form around the field. “You’re quite popular, mister Valiir.” She chuckles as the banging of their swords rang through the field. The other fighters on the other fields had come over to watch them fight. Ada was clearly holding back, and everyone could tell, but while she was holding back, Ior wasn’t and was actually trying. “Damn it, child! Just end me!” The old warrior cries out as he tries to strike at her again. She frowns as she looks at him, but she brings her hand up and grabs his sword with her left hand as she held hers with her right. Her grabbing the sword and not bleeding from it, surprised the onlookers. While she held his sword, she had quickly jabbed her sword out and stabbed Ior just right through the armor he wore, and got his chest.

    The girl didn’t have a smile on her face as the warrior looked at her in shock. He hadn’t been expecting her to stab him so soon. A grin starts to form on his face as he nods slowly. “Thank you… You have made a worthy opponent for me… and you made me actually fight… Please… allow yourself to be known as the warrior here among my people.” He tells her before he goes limp in her arms. His grip on his sword and shield loosen enough that they both fall on the ground. Adalinda takes a deep breath, closing her eyes as she looks to the sky. She didn’t want to do this again. “You’ve reached Valhalla... “ She mutters to him as she moves enough to remove her sword. She wiped the blade on the ground, and stands up slowly. The crowd around her bowed their heads as they were saying prayers for their now fallen comrade. She looks to them, and gives a strained smile. “As I only came to do a job, I will allow you all to give him the proper funeral he deserves. I hope I had completed it just right that he will go to Valhalla.” She looks away as she takes a couple steps back. A couple men came out of the crowd and made their way to Ior. They had picked him up and started to take him away.

    Ada stood there a bit longer after they took the body away, and takes a deep breath. There was a difference between this, and her taking the lives of someone who was trying to kill her. This man was technically harmless. ‘Think of it as doing a favor. He did pay to have someone assist him in dying. You did nothing wrong. A warrior simply wanted to die a warriors way, rather than in his sleep or in pain slowly. Don’t beat yourself up over it.’ Veles tells the slayer quietly before urging her to grab her jewels and start heading out of the village. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes before she did just that. Alcohol for the next couple nights would be her friend.**

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