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    Mysterious Angelic Gate

    Luxi Oriri
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    Mysterious Angelic Gate Empty Mysterious Angelic Gate

    Post by Luxi Oriri 6th June 2019, 8:32 am


    Nirvana woke up in the morning to do her morning routine, such as flossing her teeth, and keeping up with her hygiene. It is important for her to keep up her appearance. She wasn't going anywhere important, other than looking for a job to start off her day. But, still needed to look her best. She wanted to look, and feel professional. She reminded herself everyday, just in case that some opportunity may arrive, and having her look good. Making it seem like a walk in the park, for whatever opportunity she's waiting for. While finishing herself up, Nirvana began to embark her adventure today. Thinking about what kind of job she'll be doing. As she walked, Nirvana had stumbled upon a gate. Only she could see the gate, and no one was around. "As this gate always been here?" Nirvana would ask herself, as she stared at the gate. Wondering if she should walk around it, or wait for something to burst out, and greet her.

    The gate was completely wide open, unsure if someone had already came out of the gate, or it's something for her to get inside, and find out what's going on. Her morning is already starting to feel like a weird, magical fairy tale. Despite being around magic, and whatnot. This still feels more or less, like a dream. Something told her to go inside this mysterious, yet fancy looking gate. Whilst hovering not very far off the ground, it was only a jump away from entering the gate. While Nirvana made little effort to a jump. She was still successful, and made it into the gate.

    During her entry within the gateway, Nirvana could see  a clear blue sky and a temple with a statue, as if she was transported to another dimension. Something she had never seen before. Considering the fact that Nirvana never traveled outside of, where she came from. When she entered, and feeling a bit perplexed, a woman appeared in front of Nirvana. The woman standing before Nirvana looked like a guardian angel, with a staff in hand. She as long green hair and a beautiful white dress. Stand in next to her was a teenage boy with angel wings and a toga, looking as though they are meant to greet her, upon this magical entry.

    After hearing the greetings, and feeling awfully confused by their words. Nirvana was met with an application, what was on it wasn't too serious, but was weird nonetheless. Skimming through the application, Nirvana signed whatever needed signing, and handed it back to the angel. The two bowed, and thanked the kind mage, and flew off. Nirvana turned her back, and walked out of the gate. Forgetting that the gate was hovering a few feet off the ground. Nirvana was met face first on the warm concrete, as the gate would vanish from existence. "Son of a" Nirvana would curse at herself, as she felt a little sting when she fell on her face.

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