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    King of the Pirates


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    King of the Pirates Empty King of the Pirates

    Post by TheWanderer on 2nd June 2019, 3:11 pm

    Job Description:
    Job Title: King of the Pirates. (Part 1 of the Rings of the Gods series. One time only.)

    Rank: D

    Player Requirements: One or more Wizards (No more than seven), none of which can be more than one rank apart in either way. (D rank can only pair with a C rank, C rank can pair with D and B, so on and so fourth.) Word counts are dependent on the rank of the highest ranked player.
    D Rank - 500 words solo / 1000 words group
    C Rank - 1,500 words solo / 3,000 words group
    B Rank - 3,500 words solo / 7,000 words group
    A Rank - 7,000 words solo / 14,000 words group
    S Rank - 8,000 words solo / 16,000 words group

    Job Requirements: Clear out Gold Rodgers Tomb and find his casket to discover his uniform and the stone of the world.

    Job Location: Ace of Spades.

    Job Description: While traveling to the Ace of Spades to visit a friend a heavy sand storm kicks up while night starts to fall on the town. Seeking shelter you run into a near by cave that leads underground. After traveling for about ten meters you see a fire off in the distance. Deciding to investigate it you soon learn that this is a tomb of one of the most famous thieves in all of Fiore, Gold Rodger, the man who is rumored to have robbed the Gods themselves. If you want to see what Gold Rodger took to the grave with him you will have to take down the Bandits who have beaten you here! Travel the tunnels of Gold Rodgers tomb and find his coffin to discover his treasure.



    Grave Robbing archers: X2 Each of these men carry a single non magical bow and a quiver of arrows that never seem to run empty so long as they carry the quiver. They aren't fast but are fantastic shots. Each archer takes only a single strike of any rank to take down but deals one half your rank in spell damage per shot hit.


    Skeletal Guardian: X3 Standing in the halls of the tomb are skeletal soldiers, each of these skeleton Soldiers attack swiftly with slashing weapons that deal your rank in spell damage, and take half damage from any attack other than from a bludgeoning weapon. (This includes spells) They take two spells of your rank to bring down each!


    Hell hound: X2 Roaming random rooms the hell hounds were charged with killing anyone who enters and burying their bones inside the tomb. They deal Half your rank with a bite strike and once every other post they can breath a blast of fire that deals the strongest ranked wizard in your teams rank in damage. This blast of fire hits anything in a ten meter cone and deals half that in damage for one additional post. They require four strikes of your rank in spell damage.


    Bandit leader X1 This man is the boss of the Bandits and has made it to the tomb of Gold Rodger. You enter the tomb just as he is about to push the coffin open and steal the treasure for himself. When you enter the tomb he spins around and lunges at you with his pole arm. His pole arm deals 2X your rank in damage and heals him for half your spell damage in hp once every three posts. He requires ten strikes of your rank to defeat.

    Either your rank in EXP, or 1 rank above yours in EXP IF you were accompanied by someone above your rank.

    Stone of the World - Unique item - When held this stone orb the size of a fist lights up and shows you your current location. You don't know why but you feel more powerful while holding this orb. Once per thread you can increase the power of one spell by half it's rank. This increases the cool down of your spell by one rank as well. (The stone of the world is required for other jobs in this series.

    Gold Rodger's Pirate garb- Armor (see below for ranks) - This is a red pirate jacket with gold buttons, black boots and a large red hat with a blue feather sticking out of it. This armor is simply legendary armor (What this armor does is up to the user). (Only C rank or higher can wear this armor.)

    D Rank - Weak
    C Rank - Weak
    B Rank - Strong
    A Rank - Strong+
    S Rank - Legendary

    It was an unfortunate quirk of fate that had led Robin to the tomb: he had been travelling to the Ace of Spades when a sandstorm kicked up and drove him into a cave. He had some time to kill, so Robin decided to make sure the cave was safe and unlikely to unleash some abomination on him. He followed the right wall of the cave further and further back, and as it began to slope downwards, he noticed that the naturally-hewn walls of the cave were gradually being replaced by crumbling masonry, and that there were scuffling sounds from deeper in the tunnels. The floor came to be replaced with cracked tiles, which proclaimed in an annoyingly mood-appropriate manner, “Abandon hope, all ye who enter the tomb of the mighty Gold Rogers.” Robin was intrigued by this, because according to the books he had read, Gold Rogers was famed for stealing from the gods themselves. Surely such a legendary larcenist took some of his treasures to the grave with him. His progress halted - voices from around the corner! “I tell ya, buddy, this place gives me the creeps.” Peeking around the corner revealed two men, one holding a torch, standing near to each other in the connecting corridor. The torch-bearer continued, “I know Boss thinks that this’ll make us rich, but is it worth it? I mean, the skellys alone, not to mention those god-awful dogs that got Robby.” Interesting… this tomb seemed more and more crowded by the minute. Robin let his magic flow through him, smiling at the extra agility it gave him, and, taking a deep breath, rushed into the room, blasting a bolt of electrical energy at the one with the torch before using his element of surprise to run past the other, who was fumbling to pull out an arrow and nock it to his bow. The victim of Robin’s attack crumpled to the ground moaning in pain, and the torch fell in a puddle, going out. Robin kept moving in the darkness, the sparks dancing around his arms giving off a faint glow. He heard the sound of footsteps from behind him and gathered that the other man had begun to chase him. Perfect. Now he had a way to distract any guardians this tomb might have. As if on cue, he ran directly into a group of people with swords - wait, were those skeletons? - who turned towards him and moved as though to attack when an arrow struck one of them in a rib, leaving a mark. The bandit, in an attempt to shoot Robin, had instead hit a skeleton, and the skeletons suddenly decided that he was a more offensive target than the lightning wizard, who kept dashing, ignoring the bandit’s screams as he was hacked to pieces. Robin managed to avoid anyone else for a while - once he was about to enter a room when he heard a roaring noise and saw a flash of fiery light (which he promptly fled) - and eventually he came to a grand archway that seemed to hold some importance. Looking in revealed a man of middling height and dressed in clothes similar to those of the two bandits beforehand. He was prying off the lid of a coffin with a crowbar. Damn, Robin thought, one more clown to get through. Robin began preparing for an assault, casting his Electrocharge and Crackling Aegis spells to enhance his spell power and defensive capabilities. Surrounded by an aura of black lightning, he stood up, ready to attack, but froze when he heard a voice call out, “Who’s there?” The bandit had heard him! Cursing under his breath, Robin dove into the room, firing a Dark Arrow spell at the man, which connected in a satisfying sound of sizzling flesh. The bandit dropped the crowbar and whipped out a savage-looking polearm, with which he charged Robin. Robin’s lightning-enhanced speed allowed him to stay ahead of the bandit for long enough to blast him again. The bandit stumbled, but kept up his pursuit, connecting a blow to Robin’s left calf. Ouch. That hurt. What was worse, some of the burn marks from the lightning were beginning to heal. He had to end this fight quickly. Robin threw yet another blast of lightning at the man, who now was beginning to falter. Unfortunately, so did Robin’s Crackling Aegis, dispersing. The bandit lunged once more at Robin, striking a full force blow into his left arm and leaving a deep gash. However, this was the bandit’s last move, as Robin channeled some of the last dregs of his magic into a final Dark Arrow, smiting the bandit chief to the ground. Robin tore off some of the bandit’s cloak to make a makeshift bandage for his arm, and walked over to the coffin. The body, if there ever had been one, had withered away, leaving only a strange sphere and some fancy clothes behind. Robin gathered what he could and carefully made his way out of the tomb. It had so not been worth it. There wasn’t even any gold!

    Word Count: 854

    Magic Note:
    The bandit chief only took Robin four strikes to defeat because, when all of the bonuses he had were applied, he dealt roughly 3xRank Damage with Dark Arrow (126 HP)


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