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    Butt Nuggets -Nessa 2k19 (Job/Tyson)

    Hackett Strand
    Hackett Strand

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    Butt Nuggets -Nessa 2k19 (Job/Tyson) Empty Butt Nuggets -Nessa 2k19 (Job/Tyson)

    Post by Hackett Strand 1st June 2019, 5:48 pm

    This day started like any other day for the people of Rose Garden. As Hackett shows out on the outskirts of that very same town. Long did any of the people that live or visiting there know what was about to happen on this very day. Tho the reason he had came there was for a simple task of obtaining a passport.

    Hackett finally walked into the town while scratching his head as to why they have no gate or huge door at the entrance. But it wasn't gonna stop him even if it had been there. As the man wearing a black suit walks up to the very first house on the street and just kicks the door with all his strength. The door went crashing into the house as he walked in right on top of the door that is now on the ground.

    "I am a Rune Knight! GIVE ME A PASSPORT!!!" Hackett yells out to the more than likely shocked people standing inside their on home. As he stud there for about a solid minute before walking off to the next house down the street. Now this continues on all the way down the same street and back up the other side of it as well.

    Quickly Hackett had caught the attention of random people walking in the street that followed him and watched what he did a state of shock. Because at this point he had already kicked all the doors of people's homes and had just now started on the streets with the shops on it.

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    Tyson Rhodes
    Tyson Rhodes

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    Butt Nuggets -Nessa 2k19 (Job/Tyson) Empty Re: Butt Nuggets -Nessa 2k19 (Job/Tyson)

    Post by Tyson Rhodes 2nd June 2019, 11:35 am

    It looked like the streets were busier than what he thought. Either way he was about finished with his current deliveries for the day. He still had one thing to do though. Since he was there, he could go grab a passport. As far as he had been told by some of his guildmates, being able to reach other places other than Fiore could prove to be beneficial to your purse. International jobs seemed to pay up really well.

    Besides, Tyson was also intrested in finding out what kind of magic was used outside of his home turf. Perhaps it could help him understand the powers he had gotten from Xivu Jih'va. Well...technically he already understood them perfectly, perhaps he could deepen his knowledge.

    He grabbed the bottle of honey he had purchased and turned around to head for the exit. He still had alot of time on his hands, but it would not hurt to just go get the passport done as soon as possible. He could spent the rest of his time in a nice hot tub afterwards.

    Tyson moved towards the store's door and extended his hand forward to grasp ar the handle. He could see someone coming in from the other side of the painted glass frame. Another customer apparently. Or a few customers, judging by the amount of silhouettes behind the first guy.

    It was at that moment that Tyson had some sort of weird feeling. Something felt odd. He couldn't put his finger on it but it was as if his sharp senses knew something was coming...

    Tyson dropped the honey as the door exploded. Thrusting his head backward, he backfliped, dodging the wooden frame by a hair as it flew above and past him. As soon as he could regain his footing he was sliding to a stop on a superhero three point stance just as the splintered door tumbled to the floor and smacked the back wall of the shop, sending the owned scrambilng under the counter. Glass shards had nicked him on his exposed arms, tingling around like hail, but nothing more serious than light yet annoying cuts.

    Tyson's eyes glowed in a deep green hue as the Weave around him almost got forced into casting spell. The Slayer was ready on the parry-riposte. He watched the figure in black make his grand entrance, stepping over the glass like he was some sort of big boss. So, a dark mage? Was he coming to kill the Sabertooth? Oohoh....well then, let's rumble.


    Tyson's face turned from a mischievous cocky grin to the most confused look to ever grace mankind.


    The Poison DragonSlayer glanced at the guy just standing there, then his broken bottle of honey on the floor, then back at the guy.




    "...What. the. FUCK, are you HIGH!?"

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