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    [Rune Knights] Virgo


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    [Rune Knights] Virgo Empty [Rune Knights] Virgo

    Post by Admin on 31st May 2019, 4:41 am

    Job Title: Virgo
    Rank: A
    Job Location: Cloud Sea (depart from Rose Gardens)
    Solo Word Count: 7,000 words
    Group Word Count: 14,000 words
    Additional Requirements: Rune Knights only, minimum 1 x A-rank or equivalent
    Job Description: The Virgo is the latest in a line of luxurious cruise ships and has left the port from Rose Gardens on its maiden voyage. Only the most prestigious people of Fiore ranging from businessmen to minsters are invited for an extremely lavish and luxurious party. However, with such a high profile and its launch plans already announced weeks ahead, it caught the attention of a notorious pirate crew called the Sea’s Wrath led by a man only known as the Sea Ranger. It is unknown how many men are in the crew that have taken over the Virgo and it’s up to the Rune Knights to pull off an aerial insertion by way of prototype one-use-only glider wings. Due to the status of the hostages, it is preferable for the Rune Knights to perform their mission as stealthily as possible and to avoid collateral damage to the hostages and the cruise.  

    • Enemy Name: Sea’s Wrath Pirates
      Enemy Rank: Weak
      Enemy HP: 320 HP
      Enemy Description: The Sea Ranger keeps his crew well-disciplined and this is reflected in the paramilitary skills of the pirates. They are able to do B-rank melee damage with each hit, commonly equipped with shortswords. They are adept at using only one of the three elements: Ice, Water or Wind for their magic.

    • Enemy Name: Sea’s Wrath Pirate Officers
      Enemy Rank: Strong
      Enemy HP: 400 HP
      Enemy Description: The lieutenants of the Sea Wrath’s pirate crew. Military-trained and extremely adept in combat, they are armed with a variety of melee weapons. They are able to do A-rank melee damage with each hit. They are adept at using two of the three elements: Ice, Water or Wind for their magic.

    • Enemy Name: Sea Ranger
      Enemy Rank: Boss
      Enemy HP: 480 HP
      Enemy Description: The Captain of the Sea’s Wrath pirates. Formerly an admiral from one of the neighbouring nations’ navy, the Sea Ranger makes for one of the toughest adversary to face on sea owing to his complete mastery over ice, water and wind in his magic. He fights in the air and on the sea with unparalleled skill, armed with a Guan Dao. The Sea Ranger has S-rank attributes.

    Reward: 75,000 Jewels

    ~Credit to Shane Stern

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