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    Search for the Divine Blade (job w/ Ruvel)


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    Search for the Divine Blade (job w/ Ruvel) - Page 2 Empty Re: Search for the Divine Blade (job w/ Ruvel)

    Post by Gaia 26th April 2022, 10:10 pm

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    The Divine Mage

    As Itori confirmed splitting up, Gaia gripped a hand as she gave a sharp nod back. A small smirk was on her face as she listened to the kitsune explain she could delay them for quite a long time. The slight acceptance of the dragon summons had Gaia nodding as well as towards Queen Dorolth and King Apalala as they stood nearby Itori. She turned her head towards where Nenet was after Itori mentioned her, taking a deep breath before she turned her attention back to her partner. “I hope you won’t need them to keep conflict at bay, but just as a precaution to make sure that everyone is safe. And I hope you won’t need to use illusions for more than you need to.” She then quickly turns on her heels and starts to rush up to the mountain, Knight Pachua right beside her as she runs towards the mountain path.

    She trusted her companion for this job, as well as her summons. Even if she were to have trouble, they would help her out. Pachua was being her eyes and ears while the tarot mage let her feet slam across the steps of the path before it reached the slope of the mountain. She looked up to the top before she looked over to Pachua.

    “Apologies, my lady, I don’t think there’s enough room for me to travel through the trees and carry you up to the top.” The dragon hangs his head a bit.

    Gaia shakes her head and holds up a hand. “That’s fine. I can run up here enough.” She assures the dragon before she quickly his scrambling up the mountain slope steps. Despite the flat rocks, they were a bit hard to stay steady on as time had loosened the rocks in some places, but Gaia’s dancing was something that had been able to come in handy. There were only a couple times where Pachua had to catch onto his summoner's hand to make sure she didn’t fall off before she reached the top.

    As Itori sat down and began using her magic, Queen Dorolth and King Apalala stood a distance to either side of her, at her 10 and 2 respectively. They were going to do as Gaia suggested, help protect Itori to keep her from having to deal with conflict if they needed to. They were both pretty confident in the kitsune’s abilities, though, and were mostly doing it for their summoners sake. Of course they wouldn’t slack off either.

    The Queen turned her head just slightly to Itori as she hummed, having a small smile upon her face as she listened, lightly tapping a claw on her disk as she did so. King Apalala held his cup in both claws and kept his gaze off into the forest, though he was also interested in the tune that the kitsune was humming as well. Curiosity piqued his interest as to what it was that she was humming.



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    Search for the Divine Blade (job w/ Ruvel) - Page 2 Empty Re: Search for the Divine Blade (job w/ Ruvel)

    Post by Itori 14th May 2022, 10:26 am

    Nenet's attempt at delaying those mountain scalers from advancing any further had been going well so far: she hadn't been able to stop them completely, but they were going forward at a snail's pace, constantly having to keep up their barriers so the phoenix's relentless barrage of flames didn't scorch them or, even worse, destroy their footing and send them sliding back down. She also was enjoying herself quite a bit, grinning widely as she spun and twisted to throw fireball after fireball, sometimes only using one hand and sometimes gathering a large mass of flames between her palms and launching it like it was some kind of beach ball. The flames, for the most part, harmlessly died upon hitting the stones that formed the slope of the mountain, but the people down there should be beginning to feel the heat even through their barrier as the air itself was warming up to the point of becoming uncomfortable.

    However, it looked like they weren't satisfied with just enduring Nenet's onslaught. Even as she prepared another big ball of fire to see if she could maybe cause an avalanche to descend upon these nuisances, another projectile shot through the air and pierced her other wing. Nenet let out a surprised gasp, the flames dissipating as she lost her balance. Flapping her wings fervently to regain her altitude and stabilize her flight, she was unable to react when a magic circle activated above the heads of her targets, aimed squarely at her. Her gasp was followed by a pained, sharp exhalation. One moment she was fine, and the other it felt like her body had been pierced in a myriad of places, small but numerous puncture wounds going all the way through her. Blood began to flow freely as the phoenix let out a startled cry before falling down, hitting the ground right before the shrine along with the cracking of bones from the impact. Her phoenix flames were already beginning to repair the damage, but now those competitors she'd been holding at bay were once again quickly making their way up. They'd probably reach the mountaintop before Nenet was finished healing.

    The mountaintop was relatively flat and smooth, both because of time itself and because someone clearly had gone out of their way to make it a suitable location for a structure. The shrine itself was of a simple, classic design, pillars of marble forming several concentric rings with a path leading from the outside to the middle. Arches connected the rings and formed a dome, although one with enough gaps in it to let through plenty of light. In the middle of it was the legendary sword Divinus, sought after by all who had come to this island out in the middle of nowhere, floating above a pedestal where it was held by some kind of barrier. The pedestal had been inscribed with an elaborate system of runes, meant to last for a very long time and keep people from stealing the sword.

    A larger barrier encompassed the entire shrine, faint enough that it was barely visible. It didn't appear to block the air either, the wind blowing between the pillars without encountering any resistance. However, it was still a powerful barrier, easily perceived by all who could sense magic. As such, it would probably be rather confusing that if Gaia tried to pass through she'd do so with only a slight tingling on her skin. The runes that upheld this larger barrier explained that only those who were Stroke's like would be able to pass through and that others would have to accept that it was not their fate to claim Divinus.

    Gaia would have to figure out for herself how to get through the barrier that protected the pedestal supporting the legendary weapon. The runes only spoke of some feat of either skill or intelligence required to part the barrier and claim Divinus, but no further details were given.

    Itori's humming was of an ancient song, so ancient that it had long since been forgotten by all mortals. She didn't sing the lyrics, but if she had sung them, and had bothered to do so in a language known in this day and age, then it would have spoken of a young hero who had set out to defeat a mysterious evil that lived in a gigantic forest clad in mist. At every turn the hero lost his way, wandering from tree to tree without knowing where he was going or how he would even get out. Throughout the story, he'd encounter many things within that eternal forest of mist, other people who had gotten lost and who needed his help, or secrets which had been lost. Only at the end of the song would the hero finally find the evil and slay it, at which point the mist would lift and all who had been trapped inside could leave.

    So it would also be for the raiders who had decided to claim Divinus, although Itori wasn't planning to let them escape her illusionary forest until Gaia had her hands on the sword. She also wouldn't consider herself a mysterious evil, even if she was playing the same role as the antagonist that was contained within the song.

    Unfortunately, listening to her humming was an important part of this magic, so her two draconic spirit companions deciding to focus on it meant that they were also partially affected by it, even if they weren't the focus of the spell and weren't inside the area which Itori had claimed as her own. If they looked around they'd experience the curious but problematic sensation that every direction was up: there was no way to distinguish between uphill and downhill, and it would be harder to remember directions and landmarks.

    As the three of them remained there, Itori keeping the raiders going in circles, their shouts becoming louder and louder as they violently argued with each other, a rustling would come from another direction. Some of the raiders, having been smart enough to realize they weren't making any progress, had intentionally returned to their longboat, and then made a long treck around the area in which their companions were getting lost. Having bypassed the area which Itori had turned into a maze they managed to make their way up the mountain, and noticing Itori, Queen Dorolth, and King Apalala, they had decided that it was worth seeing if killing these three would allow the rest of the raiders to continue their uphill march.

    With Itori busy keeping the illusion in place, it looked like the two dragon spirits would have to deal with this handful of raiders. While they didn't appear to possess any magic abilities, their minimal clothing revealed strong, muscular bodies, and they moved with a confidence which spoke of their combat ability.

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