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    Lunch Break~


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    Lunch Break~ Empty Lunch Break~

    Post by Nadarr on 28th May 2019, 6:25 am

    Clarence and Coco would be in the Fairy Tail Guildhall's library which is where Clarence liked to spend most of his time while he was in the guild.  Okay was like any of the day for he will be in library meeting as much as he could with his companion at his side keeping him company reading with him, however today was a little different as Coco was looking a little antsy.  Well she enjoyed to read just as much as Clarence she didn't always have the same attitude as him we're is he would live in the library have didn't forbid it.  After a morning of reand Coco would shut her book and look at Clerance. "Cllllleeeeeaaarrrrraaannnncccceeee" she would say in a exagerated tone.  Clearance was pause for a moment looking up slightly. " is something wrong?" He would ask as if she didnt even make the remark the way she did.  " Yeah there is big guy, are you aware since joining you have talked to almost no one in the guild…" she said with some sass in her voice.  "Yeah." He said his tone not changing.  "Well why the heck not...i dont think they bite?" She thought about it briecly before shaking her head almost shocked by how causual that was. "Coco, you know why I don't." He sighed now looking up at the exceed.  "Yeah so you could at least try…" she grumbles a bit.  "Coco I look like a homeless bum ontop of all that I dont exactly fit in out there." He sigh as she ears folded down. "Fine…" She said looking away holding her arm.  Clearance knew where this was going and knew he fell into her trap.  She knew he hated seeing hwr so sad.  He would sigh looking up at the clock then at her.  "Here how bout this...it is noon let go out there to the bar and get some lunch and you a slushie or something...if conversation happens...ill do my best at it okay." He said as she perked up. " Yes hehe." She giggled in a small victory as she jumped up making her wings pop out. She would then fly behind clearamce and bring him to to door as if he wasnt moving fast enough.  Clearance would just glare at her as she smirks and smiles.  He would then open the door looking atound as he walked to the bar with Coco flying beside him.  Looking around Clearance was a tad uneasy as they got to the bar and sat down Coco landing next to him. "See so far so good" she nodded as Clearance nodded back waiting for a moment sitting at the bar with Coco.

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