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    Hidden Blades;; Magic Vault

    Hidden Blades
    Hidden Blades

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    Hidden Blades;; Magic Vault Empty Hidden Blades;; Magic Vault

    Post by Hidden Blades on 17th May 2019, 2:47 pm

    Here is Hidden Blade's Magic Vault, where we shall register all Guild Spells, potentially various other magic related Pets & Items in the future. The Guild Spells are assigned by department, meaning on the Director of the department they are assigned to make use they spell from that department. The only exception to this rule is the Chairman, who may use all available Guild Spells..

    Hidden Blades;; Magic Vault ZEe2dLZ

    Hidden Blades;; Magic Vault M1uJDj8

    Director of Combat :: Esper

    The Assassins Final Order:

    Name:  The Assassins Final Order
    Rank:  H++
    Type:  Burst, Offencsive, Piercing DoT, Effect
    Damage:  420 HP immediate, then 210HP per round
    Range:   1,000 m
    Speed:   800 m/s
    Duration:   3 posts
    Downside:  N/A
    Description:  The Director of Combat has seen things that would frighten even the most veteran assassins, and in their long career has learned on rule. One commandment. One truth, above all others. The best Defensive is swift, and merciless offensive, with a show of absolute power. This idea, and the name of the guild, is taken literary when this spell is used. The user pushes their hand forward, and touches their guildmark suddenly summoning a phantom dagger made of magic which quickly multiplies into an uncountable amount of ethereal, and magical blades which become a whirlwind of magic around the user attacking all enemies within range before suddenly disappearing into nothing, as if a ghost vanishing in the night.

    For the duration of this spell, the user gets a buff to spell damage equal to 230%
    These blades have an instance magical property that is unlike any other. Should they encounter any resistances, magical or otherwise, they can pierce through as if the resistance is not there. If this happens, the base damage of this spell is cut in half. Anything within range cut by one of these blades is immediately subjected to 420 HP damage as the blade cuts them, just as a spell or physical attack would. However, that is not where the assault stops, these blades just like a serrated knife sear into the soul and magic of the person damaged, and do Damage over Time in the form of a soul bleed. This secondary damage does NOT apply if someone was not damaged by one of the initial blades. This secondary damage bleeds the user once per turn for three turns after they have been affected, dealing 0.5 H++ Damage (210) each turn. This damage is internal to the user, and due to only being applied if they have been damaged by the first initial attack, the bleed is unaffected by armor and magical protections which protect externally.

    Hidden Blades;; Magic Vault 610nePF

    Director of Intelligence :: Deleronark

    Knowledge is Power:

    Name: Knowledge is Power
    Rank:  H++
    Type:  Burst, Defensive, Buff, Copy
    Durability: 1260 HP
    Range: 1,000 m
    Speed: 800 m/s
    Duration: 25 posts
    Downside: N/A
    Description: The Director of intelligence knows one thing to be paramount among all others, and that is the truth ‘Knowledge is Power’. This simple truth allows them to warp the ethernanos in the air to fit their whim, and their mission. After focusing their mind, and clearing their thoughts the user of this spell slams their hands onto the ground and causes a wave of ethernanos to surge outwards centered on them. This wave of power is invisible to all but those with the hidden blade guild mark, and at most will feel like a breeze blowing in the winds.

    These ethernanos clasp onto members of the Hidden Blades within range and provide a boost to aid in the mission at hand, all allies within range get a buff to defensive effects equal to 100%, and a boost to speed equal to 80%, and the effectiveness of any debuffs they receive are reduced by 50%. In addition, they are affected by the following.
    First, each round they get an invisible film of ethernano which coats their skin or clothes. This film acts as a shield defending against 1260 HP damage, and restoring this coat at the beginning of each of their posts, in addition to this the film of ethernano is resistant to piercing damage, meaning all effects that would pierce through its shield are reduced by 50%. These ethernanos, however, have a secondary even more dangerous effect.

    Second, should a person coated in this effect be affected by an enemy’s spell, or should the shield be damaged by an enemy’s spell, the affected person is suddenly flooded with the knowledge of that spell. The can, if they spend mana equal to the spell, duplicate the effect as if they were the caster any time before the end of their next turn, only once per turn. This does not negate or stop the original spell, but only allows the affected person to cast it, as long as it is of equal or lower rank to this one, and the affected person is of high enough rank to cast said spell.

    Hidden Blades;; Magic Vault VMX0vPW

    Director of Support :: Aeluri

    Ultimate Reinforcement:

    Name: Ultimate Reinforcement
    Rank:  H++
    Type:  Burst, Effect, Heal
    Healing:  420 HP
    Range:  1,000 m
    Speed:  800 m/s
    Duration:  25 posts
    Downside:  N/A
    Description:  The Director of Support has learned one important lesson, which is paramount among all others, and that is the importance of resources. This simple idea is what leads to the creation, and requirement of such complex magic in times of dire need. The user is able to warp the atmosphere in the area, and modify the magic in the area. After focusing on their goal, and the mission they spread their arms wide and a wave of magic seeps from their body, surging outwards encompassing a massive range. This magic fills all air, and curves around barriers filling anything that is not air tight.

    While within this effect, and touched by this magic, members of Hidden Blades, denounced by their guild marks, get the following effects. First, they get a 50% buff to a stat of their choice among Spell Damage, Spell Durability, Healing Effectiveness, or Physical Strength, depending on what is needed for their job, and while within this magical cloud they regenerate 5% HP, and MP per round, not to exceed caps.

    In addition to this, the cloud has another important effect for allies within. While within range, those affected are healed 420HP once per turn, and can at will nullify one negative effect or debuff which is affecting them, if they pay mana equal to the cost of the effect.
    However, the Director knows it is not just the resources of their team that matters, but also of any adversaries they might face. As such, while within range, and affected by this spell anyone without the Hidden Blades guild mark is subjected to the following. The cloud modifies the magic in the air and makes it harder for those affected to defend themselves, giving them a 50% debuff to all resistances. In addition to that, they have a harder time connecting to or modifying their magic, as such they get a Debuff to Spell Cost equal to 50%, and Finally the cloud itself is toxic to those affected, and if someone does not have the Hidden Blades guild mark, they get a burn to HP and MP equal to 5%

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