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    A Bunny’s Fashionable Bag

    Grappa & Jellisha
    Grappa & Jellisha

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    A Bunny’s Fashionable Bag Empty A Bunny’s Fashionable Bag

    Post by Grappa & Jellisha on Thu 16 May - 18:08

    Name: A Bunny’s Fashionable Bag
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Backpack
    Proof of purchase: Link
    Description: Being a mythical creature that leaves exquisitely decorated eggy surprises for countless kids is exhausting when using only an outdated, poorly made wicker basket. Eggs were always falling out as he ran as fast as he could, breaking and entering homes and littering meadows and parks with colorful treats. Worse yet, the basket couldn’t hold too many, so the return trip to replenish the egg supply was horribly inefficient! What was a bunny to do?

    Make a better carrier, of course!

    Using the help of some fairies in his realm that helped a certain fat man in a red suit, Long Ears came up with a fashionable backpack that could hold endless amounts of eggs. Never would he have to hop back at lightspeed to pick up more! It contained a pocket realm that would never fill up, no matter how many things were put into it. Plus, it was hands-free. And heck if it wasn’t cute to boot!

    Abilities: Just because he used it for eggs doesn’t mean you have to. While there are still an obscene amount of adorably painted eggs filled with surprises in there that you will never be able to eradicate from it, you can also store whatever you need in there. It usually knows what you’re looking for when you reach in, though don’t expect it to come without at least an egg or two with it. Because you can store literally everything in it without it adding any weight to the bag, you become lighter yourself, gaining a speed buff [D-40%, C-45%].

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