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    Alburn's Kindle Profile Empty Alburn's Kindle Profile

    Post by Remnant on 15th May 2019, 10:08 am

    Alburn's Kindle Profile Tumblr_nolwqwt7nK1rd1vzzo2_500

    — Alburn Homura
    — 20
    — Fairy Tail

    Yoooooo ladies and those amazing lookalikes it's ya boi Al here! Just a chill dood trying to make it in the world and looking for that special lady to share my lyfe with, yo! Uhhh don't mine the pic tho. I was a little tired when I took it lmao. Cute panda tho amirite!? Also I'm an older brother to most wonderful sister in the world! Don't forget to swipe right, and I will show you a good time....yo.

    — I'm a big fan of art. Painting, Graffiti, Sculptures, you name it! All forms of art are amazing in my eye! I also like going out for drinks, chillaxing or spending time with my sis who is very amazing I should mention!


    Alburn's Kindle Profile Tumblr_o3wi2dU5W71um6qv2o3_500

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