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    With God, All things are possible~


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    With God, All things are possible~ Empty With God, All things are possible~

    Post by Amalie on 14th May 2019, 3:54 pm

    With God, All things are possible~ LddKdMH

    Amalie lay in bed, days had passed since the eventual 'Seal removal ritual' that had taken place, and she was only somewhat recovered from it. Emotionally, it had been fairly reeling. For the woman to learn that all of her emotions had been sealed away by the seal in an effort to protect her from the traumatic effects of her life. It was strange, all these years she had been so numb, so cold. Was this truly her? Or had it been Anima all along, dulling these feelings in an effort to 'cushion the blow'. Her mother's neglect, the difficult livelihood, the struggle she had endured to survive her childhood years. Only to fall into the hands of a man, who would abuse her for several years.


    His voice was soft, smooth, layered with hints of concern. She would open her eyes slowly. She couldn't see it, it was strange. He sounded so clear now, clearly than before as those he was sitting less than a foot away from where she was lying.


    She asked, she didn't feel nauseous right now, although she was looking out for it. Maybe it really was as Anima had told her. Her body had rejected the Seal because she wasn't able to accept him as a part of her. Having learned that this foreign being existed inside of her, she had unconsciously been trying to force Anima out of her. Which was what had essentially been making her fall ill so often, and the more she resisted, the worse it got. Did that mean she had come to accept that he was a part of her? Maybe. All she knew was she never wanted to feel the way she had ever again, the emotions she felt following their separation. The unbearable misery and despair. It had been a torturous experience, one she would never forget. So if keeping Anima inside of her meant that her mind remained intact. Then so be it.

    I'm sorry this was so hard on you, I wish I'd have been able to communicate better. Perhaps it could have been avoided. At least now, we can move forward, perhaps even learn to work together.

    She stared ahead at the white ceiling of her bedroom. In what way would we be 'working together'? She asked, deciding to give into intrigued.

    Well, as I've explained, upon having you as my host. Over the years, I have managed to infuse my magic into your body. Allowing you to manipulate its growth and make it your own.

    So does that make it, my magic or yours?

    It is ours Amalie, magic in which we shared. It is as much mine as it is yours.

    I feel like you're building up to something.

    Well, at present I am only talking about the 'Articulation' magic you bear, however, things are different now. When Mars returned me to your body and resealed me inside of you, things weren't sealed quite as securely as before. I have more freedom than I did before, freedom to use my true magic, and to share that magic with you. Amalie sat up in bed, her attention peaking even more.

    You can do that?

    Of course, it's imperative that should I intend to use it at its full potential, then the two of us finding a way to work together would be the most efficient way to progress. She bit her lip, access to a new power, it was a tempting thought.

    Is it strong?

    Immensely. Amalie would shift over to the edge of the bed. She could feel her anticipation growing, her excitement at the possibility of what he was suggested. Surely it wouldn't be so bad to try it, she was stuck with him after all. It might be ideal to make the best out of the situation, especially if it involved getting stronger. I can show you. She couldn't help herself, her face split into a grin. She stood up, quickly heading to her wardrobe she would begin to get dressed. Her eagerness showing in the haste of her movements. Once dressed, she would leave her room, locking the door behind her, she would travel through the guild, moving through the wings so quickly, that she didn't actually pay attention to whom she might be passing. She found her way to the training grounds, looking around, she was pleased to see that it was free at the moment.

    Once in the centre of the grounds, she would speak, out loud this time. "Okay...what now?" She asked breathily, She would feel him moving to the front of her consciousness. Although the sensation felt much less invasive than it had before. She would hear him speak once more, as he began to explain once more. To understand this magic, you must understand what I am.

    The fifth seal of the apocalypse?

    Yes, but there's more too it than that. Father created me not only as a seal but as a warrior of his word. Whilst, I do not carry the same purpose as my siblings who precede me, who were created with the strength and might need to eviscerate the hordes of Satan. My 'physical' constitution, remains the same. I am both, Angel and Demon, combined, and thus cannot use the magic of both forms. With me thus far?

    I think so.

    As a result, I can shift my body to resemble a form of each, with the weakening of the seal. I should actually be able to take over your body completely, and use some of my power to fight on your behalf. Additionally, should you and I merge, you will bear such forms also. Amalie took a moment to ponder such a thought. She would be able to take on the form of either a demon or an angel. It all sounded a little more 'flamboyant' than she would prefer, but if it meant more power. Then perhaps it was worth considering.  I assure you, once you experience this power for yourself, you'll be quite content with its capabilities. She cocked her head, smirking slightly, he was baiting her, and she knew it. But still, she couldn't help but give in to the temptation.

    "Okay. Show me what we can do."

    There was a soft chuckle, followed by an influx of magic. I will allow you to merge with my demonic energy first. This may feel strange, but I need you to ensure you don't resist it. He instructed she nodded. Doing her best to relax her mind and allow him to manipulate his magic without resistance. She felt the magic move through her body. Like tingling warm energy, it coated her entire body. Amalie's noticed the magic surround her, her clothes would be replaced by a new attire. This was about the point, Amalie began to fell, quite severely discomfort. A skin-tight suit of ivory, with pink floral detailing here and there, formed around her body. From her back would sprout two, large ivory wings, underneath which would bone would sprout, spread outwards to form two more arms, shapes like Scythes. Her ice blue eyes would turn completely white, and horns would sprout from the side of her skull and her hair would turn ivory in tone. Like the wings of the butterfly, they would stretch outwards, a bright pink flower growing from the stem of each horn. Amalie stood there, panting a little, the transformation had been quite intense, almost painful. Her body had been manipulated unnaturally into a new form.

    And yet as she stood there in this form, she felt...stronger.

    She also had an overwhelming need to fight, to hunt down her enemies and bring them to her mercy. It was almost bloodthirsty. The feelings you are experiencing are the demonic essence taking over your desires. You wish to hunt, to fight, perhaps even to kill. Generally, you will be able to suppress these within reason. Although, you may find the longer you fight in this form, the harder it is to control. She would nod, feeling him retracting the magic and her body returning to normal. You'll get used to the change. Next, I shall release the angelic energy. The energy that seeped over Amalie's body this time felt cold, almost eerily so. It spread over her, entirely form, the discomfort returning once more. Her skin would glow with white light for a moment, before fading away to reveal a new form. Her skin had become as white as snow, glowing red lesions would spread from the top of her neck, all the way down her body, and wrapping around her legs. Her hair would turn white once more, and her eyes would glow red. Two small horns would spread from her forehead, about three inches in length.

    Amalie glanced down at her new form, taking in the sight of it. It was even more unnerving to look at than the demon form, scarier than she expected an angelic form to appear. But still, the power she sensed in this form was impressive. Only this time it was accompanied by a feeling a stillness, there was no emotion. No excitement, no thrill, it was almost void of anything. After allowing her a moment to get a feel for it, Anima would pull the magical energy from her body. Allowing her to return to normal once more. She relaxed, feeling her emotions return.

    That was...interesting.

    He hadn't been wrong though; she had gotten a taste of the power, and quite frankly. She was itching to use it. A thought wandered into her mind, You said you could take over my body, do you have forms of your own then?


    It was sudden and abrupt, Anima's moved to the front of Amalie's consciousness, and she felt a sudden sense of displacement. Like her consciousness had been pulled away and taken over by Anima. As though she no longer had control of her body. Her body would glow with light. Her eyes would change from green and her hair would turn a pastel pink. Her skin would suddenly be patterned with red markings, covering her neck and arms. Horns would protrude from her crown, pointing upwards and slightly jagged, one shorter than the other. Then her body would transform entirely, any resemblance of her fading away, and in her place, stood Anima. Amalie didn't feel any strange emotional changes, if anything the only noticeable differences, was the lack of control she felt. Like she was an observer in her own body, and the immense power she felt. Even greater than the power she'd felt in the angel and demon forms he had shown her. And which form is this? She would ask. A smile would spread across his handsome features.

    "This is my demon form." Amalie was curious if this was Anima's equivalent to the demon form she had taken on, she couldn't help but wonder what his Angel form would be like. However, he seemed to understand her intentions before she even asked, because he spoke once more. "You will see it in due time; this is not the time nor place for that." His words would intrigue her more. Making her wonder the reasoning as to why he didn't want to show her. Was it unpleasant? Or perhaps it was too powerful to take on without significant reasoning. It excited her, the power she could feel now in his demon form was almost overwhelming. The prospect of even greater power was... alluring. "I shall return your body to you." Amalie's body would begin to glow once more, and she could feel herself shifted back to the forefront of her mind. Regaining control over her body, Anima would sink back into the depths of her mind, and as the light faded. She would appear as she had before. You should return to your room and rest.

    Don't I get to test out these forms a little more?

    Soon, but your body needs more time to recover. Even these transformations alone will have taken a significant toll on you. Rest up, once you're ready, you can enjoy them at your leisure. She smirked, turning on her heel, she would make her way back to her room, resigned to listen to her. All the while, feeling the excitement of this new magic bubbling within. Perhaps... this won't be so bad. She thought to herself, receiving a soft chuckle from Anima.

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