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    Territorial Beasts (p)


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    Territorial Beasts (p) Empty Territorial Beasts (p)

    Post by Thagirion 13th May 2019, 9:58 am

    Several hours had passed since he had done a small job for an old herbalist woman back in Hosenka, harvesting sacs from odd carnivorous plants she kept in her basement. Not having cared enough to ask what she needed them for as he only needed the money, he figured that he might as well return within the two days she had set before the contents of the sacs would be prepped and ready. As he had struggled with the carnivorous plants, it became hard not to get a little bit invested, or at the very least curious as to why he did what he did. However, it hadn't been too long after he finished up his work there that he had continued doing what he had set out to do: doing groceries to take back with him to his den in Sakuramori. When he was done getting everything he needed, plus a little extra because he now had money to burn, he had ran into a notice board standing in the center of Hosenka that seemed somewhat interesting.

    Reading through the contents, there were various things plastered onto it that did not interest him in the slightest, such as a cooking contest and an inventor opening up a shop in the heart of town. Then there was the wanted poster of the escaped convict, which he imagined would be taken down any day now as he had already taken care of that little issue personally. Picking some interesting jobs from the board and sticking them into his pocket, he took a quick look around. When he was just about to move on, Fellis had picked one of the posters off of the board because he thought it looked pretty. Taking it from the flying cat, he saw that there were various paw prints and leaves printed unto the paper, which was likely what caught the eye of the feline in the first place. Reading the contents, it seemed that there was a small business present in Hosenka that wanted to deal in navigational charts and maps, and needed a capable someone to help them out with their endeavors. Doing some additional scanning of the paper proved some interesting content.

    While they also needed people to head out into places such as the monsterlands, a place he did not care to enter until he actually knew for sure that he could survive on his own in a place such as Sakuramori, it also needed people to venture out into tricky waters and into Sakuramori itself. Feeling like the latter of the three was certainly something he could do, he headed over to the address on the poster to see if anyone had taken the job yet. Arriving shortly after departing from the notice board, it seemed that he was clearly not the only one interested in taking the job, meaning he would have to figure out something to do so that he could make sure only the brave remained. Listening in on the people here as they were discussing who would take which job or route, even his young and unknowing eyes could tell that many of the people here were either thrill seekers or simply in need of money and out of their league. As such, it was time to do something.

    "You know, most people don't enter the monsterlands for good reason, even I don't go there. I've heard of mages entering there to prove themselves to odd guilds, and they never returned. As for Sakuramori, people tend to underestimate the dangers of that place because it looks pretty and pink. But the pretty pink merely hides the gored remains and the blood caked to the ground as wolves, bears and worse take down the unwary."

    This little speech seemingly worked out the way he wanted it to, if only a little, as three younger men and a woman left the main hall. Though this still left at least ten to twelve others to contend with, his somewhat exaggerated story had not gone unnoticed by the man hosting this get-together. Claiming that he was impressed by how knowledgeable someone Solmar's age appeared to be, and that he wanted to see if he could do what was needed in order to map out the safest route through Sakuramori. Stating that many travelers and merchants, herbalists and hunters passed through that place for a living, many returned injured while some even ventured too far and died. Feeling like Solmar knew the place better than most from the village, the man promised him a good sum of money if he could make this happen, as well as future jobs just like this one that would make the both of them quite a bit of money while ensuring that others would be able to travel safely.

    Knowing full well that the man was just saying these things to play on Solmar's emotions and his sense of what was right and wrong, he was very well aware that only those who actually had money to spend could even afford these maps. Still, there was some truth to what the man said, and as long as there were maps around, it could save at least a few people. Taking the paper from the man's hands, he could see that most of the forest had already been mapped out from above using some kind of aerial device. Looking up to see what the man's game was, he told Solmar that it wasn't his job to map out the forest itself, but rather the territories of dangerous wild animals and locations they frequented mostly. Feeling that this might be something that could be used by poachers to thin out the entire forest as well as by people who were looking to avoid running into trouble, it would take a bit of altering and boasting from his part so his work would not be used to undo the natural beauty of the forest.

    So, when he arrived at the forest, he started mapping out these areas while making the general area significantly bigger than they actually were. While this would not only force people who actually stuck to it to steer clear from pretty much any creature that did not roam beyond its own territory, it would also throw off any poachers that might try to utilize the map as a way to make their jobs a whole lot easier. Feeling that it had more or less just become his job to both look after the people and after the animals he shared a forest with, he wanted to see to it that one would not need to perish for the other to remain safe. Spending several hours on this marvelous work of art, by the time he was finished, he figured that there was very little else that he could do by now. With the map completed, he handed it over to Fellis, telling it to fly on back and deliver the map and take the money back to him at Cedar. Making it clear that this was the cat's first big mission, it quickly soared on off, allowing Solmar to make his way over to Cedar first.

    -End of Job-

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