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    Out on a limb (p)


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    Out on a limb (p) Empty Out on a limb (p)

    Post by Thagirion Fri May 10 2019, 20:54

    While he had primarily stationed himself in Sakuramori, teaching Fellis how to catch fish with a fishing rod, using the fish to set traps for bigger game and cooking up something nice for the both of them, there were a few times a month when he needed to go into one of the towns or cities in order to get that which he could not just outright collect from the wilderness. Not really enjoying it when he was forced to spend time among humans due to the fact that any wrong move made against him brought with it the potential of the demon inside of him breaching the surface, he figured that his new magic had done quite a good job at shackling the monster away within his psyche. Aside from that, he knew that as a mage, he might also pick up some odd jobs that would allow him to get some money on the side. And since money was the thing making the world go round, the next time he stopped by one of the nearby towns, he would make sure to pick up some of them.

    From what he could tell, judging from his supplies, he could go to the town of Hosenka somewhere in the next two days. Feeling that that was rather acceptable, he went away from the fishing stream in order to find and pick a bunch of new mushrooms, finding that they went well with some well-cooked game. With Fellis sleeping in the hood of his fur coat, his snoring would chase off most of the animals that lived in the surrounding area, while it would in turn attract some of the larger predators to their location. As such, he was keeping his senses peaked so that he wouldn't be caught off-guard, which made the snoring of the cat that much more annoying to his more sensitive hearing. By the time he reached the area of the forest that had plenty of fallen trees on the ground and plenty of rot going on for mushrooms to have a proper feast, his ears picked up on something relatively big. While not as big as a bear, it was at least bigger than your average wolf, and bipedal.

    Being relatively close to Hosenka at this point, he wondered why anything would even bother going here as opposed to staying near the heart of the forest. At that point, he had more or less already come to figure out that he was most likely dealing with a human. Hearing the sound drawing closer and closer, he put a few hands full of mushrooms into his duffle bag before popping his head up from above a fallen log. Hearing a sudden yelp, it seemed that the man that had been trekking through the woods had not been expecting to run into another human soul. Whether by instinct or out of some misguided need to chase him off, the man started throwing punches at him. Managing to avoid most of the blows simply by maneuvering back and looking for an opening, he let a wide swing pass him by right before he smacked the man in the head with his duffle bag. With a loud clap, the man fell backwards onto the grass, seemingly losing the will to fight.

    After momentarily maintaining a silence between the two, Solmar's angry staring appeared to be enough to get the man to talk. Claiming that he believed Solmar to be a bounty hunter or a contracted killer sent out to either fetch or kill him, Solmar inquired a bit more in regards to the bounty, though he did not really get the answer that he was hoping for on that front. When the man started hysterically sobbing while bringing up how he hadn't seen his family in such a long time and that his imprisonment had been the nail in the coffin that was his failing business, he believed that his family wouldn't have been able to support themselves while he was gone. As such, he had made a rather daring escape in order to see them and make sure that they were okay. Finding the story a bit hard to believe, especially after how the man had jumped the gun by attacking him the moment he laid eyes upon another human being, he decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.

    When the man stated that he was on his way to Hosenka to see them, Solmar figured that he might as well see if there was some truth to it. After all, he had to go there in order to get his supplies soon anyway, which would make this whole thing a win-win situation for him as he'd be able to turn the man in and claim his bounty either way. With Fellis still sleeping in his hood, he figured it might be nice for the cat to see some other people every once in a while, so he told the man to rise to his feet and lead the way. Making it incredibly clear that he had the capacity to cook his balls inside of his sack if he as much as tried to cheat his way out of things, they both came to an agreement. If Solmar helped the man see his family, he would willingly go with Solmar and turn himself in so he could claim the bounty while the convict himself would from then on sit out the rest of his sentence.

    And so, Solmar, Fellis and the convict made their way over to the town of Hosenka, exchanging a couple of stories, even though Solmar was mostly listening to what the man had gone through to get him sentenced to a few years in prison. Finding that this was a rather subtle way of filling in the time it took to get from the forest to the town, they managed to get there within the next two hours of walking at a steady pace. When they arrived, Solmar could clearly see that people were already expecting the man, having put up posters with his mugshot and a set bounty. Pulling one of them off of a wall, he showed it to the man with a devilish grin on his face, making sure that he realized why Solmar was still with him at this point. When others noticed that the man was roaming their streets, Solmar could tell that there were some who were almost brave enough to step in and try to perform a citizen's arrest and claim the bounty for themselves.

    Shooting a look of absolute dread their way, he wanted people to know that he was more than willing to smack a bitch if they tried to encroach upon his bounty. Luckily for the both of them, this was all it took to make sure nobody tried anything stupid that might trigger the demon slayer's ire. When the man suddenly stopped, he stated that they had arrived at their humble abode. Peeking in through the windows, Solmar stood watch to make sure nobody got close enough to ruin the moment. Looking back over his shoulder, he saw that the convict had started sobbing again, though in a good way this time. Giving him a couple of minutes to look at his family, Solmar decided after ten minutes that enough was enough, and that it was time for him to go back before things got worse. Turning him in at the local authorities, Solmar was handed his bounty while the convict was taken away. When he was no longer within earshot, the young demon slayer told the officer to keep a small amount of money and give it to the man's family, asking they wouldn't go to hard on the man who just wanted to see his family.

    With that, there was little to nothing else that he could do for the guy. Figuring that the convict would probably never see him again and would therefore not know what Solmar had tried to do for him and his family, he sighed deeply as he put the bounty into his duffle bag and tossed it over his shoulder. Deciding to use this time to look around Hosenka in search of new supplies, he woke up Fellis, who seemed quite amazed with seeing this new place. Now that they had the money to stick around for a little while, part of Solmar wanted to go out on a limb and pick up on another job that might pay as well as this one. Having hardly done anything difficult to earn the money he had now, it would most likely not be all that hard to find something else like this. However, for now, picking up the supplies he needed took priority.

    -End of Job-

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