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    Woods of Twilight


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    Woods of Twilight Empty Woods of Twilight

    Post by Kessicia on Fri 10 May 2019 - 20:13


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    Woods of Twilight

    Kessicia never imagined she would find herself as a hunter of the dark. In fact, based on how she had first started her magical journey, she had always felt she would be one of the hunted. Yet it had been thanks to her Lord's mercy and divine guidance that she had found strength and will to embrace the pulsating energy of the living and fight for it. She'd already felt the tingling sensations of change after meeting and falling in love with Pandora and meeting Ruzatz had all but solidified her transformation to something more. Now she was High Priestess Kessicia, a noble soldier of Dies Iraes and loyal follower of the Church of Free Will.

    It was her devotion to hunting dark wizards that had brought her here, to Sakuramori. She'd heard tell of a wizard who liked to entrap young women with his magic and... use them for his own devices. It was a truly hideous manner that touched the woman right in her heart, as she had also suffered at the hands of men who hungered for her. She'd been used and abused in ways she dared not speak of but remembered well, invisible scars that had cleft her once mortal heart into pieces. She'd been weak then but fate and divine intervention had given her the chance to rise above what she had been and take punishment and justice back into her own hands. So right on the cusp of night, when the sky was painted with a mixture of oranges and pinks against the dark veil of twilight, she walked among the blossoming trees. She'd left her proper uniform back at her camp, knowing full well that it would scare away her quarry once he laid eyes upon the guild symbol.

    Kessicia was a young woman in her twenties and quite a beauty to behold. Dark lavender hair was tied up in a long pony tail that hung between her shoulders, with thick wisps framing her face on either side. Shining golden eyes flitted between the tree trunks idly as she walked, scanning the area around her without giving off the feeling like she was searching. She walked with a grace becoming of her slim figure, like an elegant royal floating through the court in session. She had dressed down to her black unitard, the tight material clinging to her body all over. Her bare feet slid over the grass easily and her hands rested casually over one another behind her back. She was even humming a soft, melodic tune as she walked through the valleys between the trees, continuing her trek into the woods.

    For all intents and purposes, she looked like she was a woman that graced these woods comfortably. Everything in her movement and measure told the tale of her comfort with the world around her. She moved graciously and authentically enjoyed herself as she went but deep within her mind and spirit, she was watching. Like the glowing light upon the great angler's head, she put forth the image that she was something that she surely was not. Even in woods such as these, there was darkness. And with any luck, she would find it and root it out. But that didn't necessarily mean that she was the only traveler here who didn't have wicked intent...

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    Woods of Twilight Empty Re: Woods of Twilight

    Post by Vetis on Fri 10 May 2019 - 22:00

    Outdoor life had become something of a desired lifestyle for both Solmar and Fellis, something that was particularly true ever since they had come down upon Sakuramori. While they both knew that there were plenty of dangerous creatures dwelling within these woodlands, animals and monsters were on the list of things Solmar understood. They acted for simple reasons such as hunger, protecting their flock or maintaining their territory. In that sense, he knew what to expect and how to act if he wanted to make sure he wouldn't end up bothering something, and make sure that something would not end up bothering him. Every once in a while, a show of force was needed in order to keep something like a bear or a wolf at bay, though they usually did not end up bothering him as long as he made sure to put his leftovers somewhere in their territory instead of leaving it laying around his campsite.

    Having made his campsite underneath a ridge that acted as a makeshift roof, he used an old bear cave as a storage room and as a place to spend the night as it was dark, dry and had only one way in or out. Thanks to his heightened senses, Solmar would pick up on anything that got even remotely close to the entrance. And if not, Fellis would with his feline hearing and his eyes that were capable of seeing quite well in the dark. Right now though, he was sitting underneath the ledge, the cave behind him as he got a fire going. Since it was getting dark, he had learned that starting a fire would keep most creatures at bay while the warmth was quite a welcome thing. With the ledge covering him, anything approached him would have to come from the front or the side, meaning his back was covered from being attacked as visibility dropped with the coming night.

    "I hope you're hungry Fellis, all we have right now is deer. I know you're not overly fond of it for tasting so bland and stringy, but I've used some of the spices to make it a bit.. less bland?"

    "Eh… I guess, it beats having to eat icky-slickys."

    Knowing that neither he nor Fellis really liked having to eat deer due to how incredibly tough it was to chew and because one had to rub nearly an entire jar of salt and pepper into the meat to give it at least Some flavor, what Fellis said was true. Calling them icky-slickys, Solmar knew quite well that Fellis meant fish, which was the kind of food they both hated with a passion. So once the fire got big enough to keep itself going for at least thirty minutes before needing more wood, Solmar put six thick sticks into the ground along the sides of the fire, placing one long twig that had various pieces of deer meat stuck unto it on top of it so it would hang right over the fire. Keeping much of their attention on their food, they were both aware that the scent and the sight of fire might attract unwanted attention. As such, they would try to split their attention two ways, taking turns and making sure they kept one another as safe as possible. That was what friends did after all.

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