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    Following the stream (Ada/Tam)


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    Following the stream (Ada/Tam) Empty Following the stream (Ada/Tam)

    Post by Vetis on 10th May 2019, 10:05 am

    Following the stream (Ada/Tam) Sakura10
    "Following the stream"

    While wandering throughout the forest he had come to know quite well by now, Solmar had all of his senses on high alert at all times, even though his rather careless posture seemed to indicate otherwise. After being imbued with a foreign magic he still knew very little about, his sense of smell had been increased to the point where he could smell it whenever some unwashed beast would come skulking out of their den, looking for something to eat. At the same time, his hearing had been heightened to where he could now hear the creaking of twigs and leaves on the forest floor, or something moving in the trees above him. If nothing else, the strange magic had been a gift that kept on giving as it was perhaps the non-magical portions of it that had brought him the greatest benefits of all. After all, he was a traveler who did not venture into the human dwellings all that often, and for good reason.

    Having already been there quite recently to gather up some supplies that he could not get anywhere in the wilderness, he wouldn't need to return there for at least a week or so. With what he had in his duffle bag, he had everything he needed to catch fish in the stream, set up some traps for bigger game and to make his outdoor living a bit more luxurious. With some small bottles containing spices as simple as rock salt, black pepper, chives, coriander and red pepper, he had the means to make even the most bland of food such as deer taste good. Continuing to wander further into the forest, he listened to the birds as they sang their songs, he entered a portion of the forest that was so incredibly pink that it almost gave him a stroke. What with the trees themselves owning pink leaves and the forest floor beneath it being covered with them for the largest part, the only things standing out were the stalks of grass sticking out from under them and the stream passing by it.

    "Are we gonna catch some icky-slickeys?"

    When a high-pitched voice started coming from under Solmar's coat, he watched as something was rooting around in the sleeve of his oversized fur coat. Since the coat primarily acted as a blanket for him, it had become something his cat Fellis had started using as a mobile home, often using one of the sleeves to sleep in and storing his belongings inside of Solmar's pockets. When it had finished rooting around and made its way out, a white furry head came sticking out right next to Solmar's own. Crawling out and sitting down inside of the hood, Fellis had front-row seats to everything going on behind Solmar. So when it saw how lively the stream was with small fish, it had to bring it up.

    "Maybe later, the fish here don't seem big enough to even work out as proper bait. We might be able to find some larger ones up-stream though."

    "Ah. Well when we do, I'll be sure to catch one this time."

    Grinning a bit at the notion of Fellis actually catching a fish instead of just reaching for one, falling in and scaring quite literally every living thing within a few kilometer radius with his cowardly screams, the young man figured that he should at some point sit down in order to make the cat his own make-shift fishing rod from some leftover lines and a sturdy twig. While it seemed unlikely that he'd ever catch something worthwhile, it would at the very least keep the little guy out of the water, thus making his job of providing for the both of them a whole lot easier. With that thought in mind, the two kept trekking onward, following the stream and hoping to find a good spot where they could sit down and catch something decent.

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    Following the stream (Ada/Tam) Empty Re: Following the stream (Ada/Tam)

    Post by Adalinda on 12th May 2019, 10:41 am


    The Iron Dragon Slayer

    It had been a while since Ada had taken a break. After she had dealt with things for the company. She decided to take a vacation for a little bit, and let Tammy choose where they were going. The little purple exceed was dressed in on of the local clothings while Adalinda was waltzing around in a white tank top and black pants and some boots. The exceed had felt she needed to be fashionable regardless of where she was at. It was a wonder some days to the slayer how she and her cat could even work together with this exceed being a bubbly little thing, while Ada was the type to punch a tree down if she could. She had her black hair up in a high ponytail, and takes a deep breath as she walked with the flying cat. Tamaria had decided that she wanted to see some cherry blossom trees, and figured what better way to see some, than to go to Sakuramori? Ada didn’t quite care for the pink trees, they weren’t her style. That wasn’t including her lack of love for plants. She shuttered a bit as she runs her hands through her hair and shook her head. She could do without plants… especially if they were able to move about… There was probably none here, but Ada kept her wits about her as she didn’t want to have to deal with some coming out and surprising her. The two weren’t concerned about getting lost in the woods. If anything, Ada’s nose could get them out, and both of them could fly, but more Tammy on command than Ada could. Ada would probably destroy the forest on accident if she were the one to start the flying though.

    “Hey Ada! What do you think of the trees?!” The purple exceed exclaimed as she looked back over her shoulder to her slayer. Ada just snorts as she rolled her eyes. “You know full well what I think of them.” She tells the cat as she put her arms behind her head. With her wearing a tank top, her guild tattoo was visible for all to see on her right shoulder blade. Tammy had chuckled to Ada as she knew the high disdain for plants. The only plants she cared for, were the ones that made alcohol for her. Everything else was moot. “Look Ada! A river!” She calls out while skipping towards the river. Ada’s ice blue eyes followed the cat rather calmly as she was trying to figure out what the purpose of coming here was. “What would you want with a river? It’s just water. Don’t cats hate water?” Ada snickers as Tammy stopped her skipping and looked over her shoulder to the black haired girl. Tammy had turned to look at her, and put her paws on her hips. “Ada! Will you stop that? Nature is beautiful! Despite you being a sour puss and hating it. Just enjoy the fresh air for once! Relax!”

    The black haired mage takes a deep breath and stops her own walking. She looks to her exceed, before she just shakes her head and grabs a horned flask from her hip, taking a rather large swig of it. “Tammy, you know full well relaxing isn’t in my books. Even on vacation. It would be the death of me. I’d rather not risk it.” She caps the flask again, and put it back on her hip as Tammy takes a deep breath. Adalinda usually was like this. Always on edge, but she slightly understood, especially with Veles in her head too. She had gone through a lot in her life, but she also had overcome a lot too. Despite her hardships, she wished Ada would still could relax, if anything, at least a little bit. As they had walked, Ada stated to hear someone’s voice not too far from where she and Tammy were. “Careful… there’s someone up ahead…” She says, though it was more than just ‘up ahead’ as her senses were hiked up. Tammy freezes a bit after she hears her say that, and quickly lets her wings pop out and flies up above a bit. “It looks to be someone fishing. No danger.” Ada just grunted to the exceed, but she didn’t believe so. Looks could be deceiving.

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