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    Twilight Saga:Power Of Alchemy


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    Twilight Saga:Power Of Alchemy  Empty Twilight Saga:Power Of Alchemy

    Post by Ghost on May 7th 2019, 3:34 am

    They say life can promise you nothing and I do mean nothing at all. Expect death but who in their right mind would expect death. As Ghost looked up into the sky the dark blue sky. The stars were shining all so brightly. He would smile as he picked back up his stave. You see Ghost has been training none stop since his last fight. A fight which left him defeat in his own right. That lost showed him something it showed him something he never knew he needed to do. That something was to get stronger. Ghost was walking back and forth in a straight line.

    He would take his stave and swing it up and down again and again. This was new magic he was working on. Not only did fight Aven show him what he was missing it also opened his eyes to a new type of magic. That magic being circle magic. A very deadly magic on its own if used right. However, what Ghost was planning on doing was more than circle magic. Ghost was planning on using his staves as well. These staves are able to allow Ghost to become a beacon of the sort. The formation of its own is hard to do yet it is worthwhile. Ghost decided on using staves as it was a way to do more with his new found magic.

    Ghost now has developed his own personal magic. A magic which can allow him to summon fort all elements of the cosmo. This is Ghost Power Of The Alchemy. The sweat on his head was dripping down as it was now around three in the morning. Ghost magic has allowed him to summon fort the power of all known elements. But the key to this is Ghost is trying to mix elements that normally could be mixed. Taking two staves Ghost would smile. As four magic circles were formed. Each being there metered wide. These magic circles were not as top tier as his falling stars spells. Yet it was strong in its own it.

    Swinging his staves to aline with each other. Sure would start to form with his red staff as water started to form with his blue one. Ghost wings would start to flap as he started to shake the staves. This would be his eighth-time trying such a thing. Hopefully, this would be the key. Aiming at a large rock right before he let off the spell. He would remember something his mother said. Sometimes you must allow two things that are opposite to merge as one. Or something like that Ghost was truly trying to remember.

    Just then he would fire off his magic circle empower staves. The water and fire would fly towards the large rock at a steady pace. Being close by each other soon the two would start to merge. Ghost looked on as he kept his mindset up type. This was a good thing as the two elements. Being so different form together as a union. The water would wash pass the boulder as the fire would burn it at the same time. Ghost would smile as he finally got it down. Planting the staves back into the ground he would pick up a solid white one.

    "Perfect now I'm starting to like this magic more and more. Now it's time to try my look with light magic." He looked on as two magic layer circles would form. Soon white light would start to form within the stave. Ghost would smile as a bright light would form it would start to grow and grow until the light was shining all over. Ghost was pleased to see his new magic was coming along. As he planted the light stave. He would pick up his final one and smile at it.

    Thinking to himself that this one would be his most powerful spell to date. As he placed himself he would still extremely still. Not moving a muscle as five magic circles would form. He was breathing very heavily as he started to twist the stave around. Soon water would come about as wind and fire would form as well. Next, the very ground would come up as each element would float right into the magic circles. Soon lightning and green life would follow suit. Ghost would smile as all the elements mixed at max speed. Ghost looked on as he flew high into the sky. Swinging his stave he would smile as he aimed it to point down. Soon the power of his falling star would take place. Causing a giant beam of cosmo energy to come crashing down. Ghost would smile at his new find power but would soon fall out of the sky from overworking.Causing a giant beam of cosmo energy to come crashing down. Ghost would smile at his new find power but would soon fall out of the sky from overworking.

    As he laid there the sun was beginning to come up. However, a strange orb would appear before Ghost. Still unable to move Ghost was in a mindstate of him being under attack. The orb would start to laugh as it appeared as a rainbow of colors. When it talked it sounded like seven different voices talking all at once. However, a voice which sounds as if she was the main one would start to speak to him. "So young wizard do you wish to obtain more power. Power in which it can cause you to rival even a saint." Ghost would look on yet still could not more but he would smile as he slowly throws up his peace sign.

    The orb would fly over towards him floating up about his chest. Ghost would slowly nod his head saying yes."Just know the last person to take this blessing saw it as a curse. The real question is would you do the same?* Ghost would smile as he truly did not care what the last person thought. "Let's do this I truly need to get more powerful no matter what." Ghost would look as the rainbow orb would start to enter his body. Ghost would then scream in pain as he tried his best to take it all in. His body would heal yet it would start to change. Soon a magic circle would appear above him. His body would heal yet it would start to change. Soon a magic circle would appear above him.

    As he would kneel over in pain his eyes would change to emerald green. Ghost would be in full-blown pain as he didn't even know the name of this deity. Who enters his soul the deity was known as the one who trapped the seven deadly sins. This manpower was something to be feared all on its own. Ghost was just granted the lost magic of Solomon. Ghost would turn his self around laying on the ground. Soon he would close his eyes as he slowly went to sleep. Soon after 36 hours of sleeping, he would wake up. Not truly his self as he slowly stood up. Looking around he could see the world in an infrared type of sight.

    Ghost could even hear a bit further as well. Looking over he would see an apple tree. Truly Ghost was starving but as he walked toward the tree. He could see his arms and legs which confused him. Ghost was, in fact, different than what he was before. He was taller than his normal five-foot self. He was quite bigger looking at his hands all was not well but it was. Ghost has undergone some sort of transformation of the sort to speak of. "Just what the hell did that thing do to me? It's like I'm somebody entirely new." Soon the rainbow orb would start to talk to him. But she was not outside of him. But more like the inside of him. Ghost eyes took on the appearance of a dawn sky. He would smile as all around him he could see and hear differently. Looking on the voice would start to explain to him his new found power of Solomon.

    "You see Lord Ghost you now have the power of the Twilight Saga. Both holy magic and dark magic is yours to command. The power of the light is one that cannot be stopped as the power of the darkness could blind all. But what is most important of this new magic is none other than. Well none other than the Twilight Realm itself. Within this realm, you are Oni. You will know how to seal all who oppose you with high fashion. You are now and forever, The Twilight King. We will meet again but for now, practice your new magic. It will take great skill to own up to this power and title young lord." He looked on up at the sky as on his right hand was white light magic and on his left dark magic. Ghost would give a big smile as he prepares himself to fight a good fight. Looking around he could see clay dummies being formed.

    His eyes would glow a dawn light as he prepared to attack. "So I control holy and shadow magic now huh. So the thing is how can I go ahead and tap into the Twilight Realm? Looks like I will just have to find out." A smiling grin would come about as the first clay warrior came about. Squeezing his right hand a giant light would form. As more clay soldiers charged at him. Soon the light would engulf the clay soldiers as they fell over. Seemingly unconscious but as Ghost took a closer look he could see. That they were more than defeated they were resting in peace. This put a big smile on his face. He would then whole out his left-hand as his shadow magic started to take effect on his targets. A black shadowy aura would start to form around five of them.

    Soon the clay soldiers would fall down as if they were in intense pain. However, it was the gravity of the shadows effect taking place. Soon Ghost would form both his hands together as the light and shadow magic would start to sync together. A purple and dawn light would start to form. As Ghost looked around he could tell the very area he was in was starting to change up. "Very good lord Ghost this is called the Twilight effect. For whoever is struck by either your light or dark magic. They are pulled into the Twilight realm slowly but surely. The key to that is you must warp the area you are in. To become part of the Twilight Realm. Now unleash the might of the Twilight." Ghost looked on as a tear would fall from his eye.

    Never had he ever felt so alive. Now was the time to show the world his true might. He looked on as he enters his own world. It was beautiful to the core. The sky looked as if the sun was about to come up or set. It was not dark yet no light was truly in the sky at that. The trees glowed up a neon purple, Ghost watched the sky as he was in a good mood with such power no demon would beat him in no way or form. Looking over he would see the last remaining clay warriors. Thinking to himself that this was going to be a piece of cake. Soon he would summon forth his light and dark magic. Putting his hands together, he would aim it at them. Soon he would let off a large beam of energy, made up of both holy and dark magic. Wiping the rest of the clay soldiers away.

    Ghost looked on as he created a large hole in the ground. Ghost would fall back as he drained himself of magic. Smiling to himself as he enters the real world again. Happy as could be now was the time to be the Dawn of the Twilight to all.


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