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    Post by Rune Knights on 3rd May 2019, 12:59 pm


    Jewel Ledger

    DateNameAmountDescriptionStatusApproved ByFinal Total
    05/03/19Serilda Sinclair6,535,128Starting funds, donations and former NM fundsCompleteN/A6,535,128

    Items Ledger

    DateNameItemStatusApproved By


    Current Jewel: 6,535,128

    Current Items: None

    Transaction Forms

    All items and jewel requested are considered loaned, and reimbursement is expected. Items can only be used by one player at a time and must be returned to the vault before another member can use it. Any member that is borrowing an item and leaves the Rune Knights must return the items before leaving the guild, or else the items are automatically forfeited back to the RK Vault. Members may only borrow one item at a time. It is acceptable to borrow an item indefinitely. Item requests may be approved by either the GM or an Ace.

    Borrowed jewel is expected to be paid back in full. The time given to pay back the jewel is negotiable depending on the amount of jewel requested. There is no pre established expectation for how quickly jewel needs to be repaid, please just give your best estimate on how quickly you think you can return the funds, and if your timeline changes just communicate that with the GM or an Ace. There is currently no limitation on how much jewel can be borrowed, but this will change if the system is abused. Please just be reasonable with your requests. Jewel requests may only be approved by the GM.

    If the funds are going toward the purchase of an item, the item is considered owned by the guild until the funds are returned in full. Please provide links for both the item purchase and the item approval once they are available. If a member leaves the guild or goes inactive for longer than two months (without a posted hiatus), items purchased with borrowed jewel are automatically repossessed by the guild and placed into the guild vault until the balance is paid in full. The GM has the right to repossess any items owned by the guild at any time.

    If you’re wishing to donate or borrow any items or jewel, please use the following template to file your request.

    [b]Name:[/b] (Your name)
    [b]Rank:[/b] (Site Rank)
    [b]How long have you been with RK:[/b] (Only required if requesting a loan)
    [b]Item/Jewel:[/b] (Name of item, or amount of jewel)
    [b]Transaction Type:[/b] (Loan request, Donation, Loan payment, etc)
    [b]Estimated Return:[/b] (If applicable, please give an idea of when you expect to return the item/jewel)

    If you have used loaned jewel to purchase an item, please use the following template to provide links when available.

    [b]Name:[/b] (Your name)
    [b]Purchase Proof:[/b] (Link to where item purchase was approved)
    [b]Item Approval Proof:[/b] (Link to where the item’s description and abilities were approved)

      Current date/time is 3rd June 2020, 5:14 pm