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    To Valhalla


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    Completed To Valhalla

    Post by Enigma on Thu 25 Apr - 11:33

    Honorable Death

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    Both Enigma and his partner, Gatos, wanted some action. But that wasn't exactly what they had planned.
    The train stops, opens its doors and lets the passengers out. Enigma and Gatos standed out because of their gloomy expressions. But then again, who wouldn't be like that if their mission was to kill someone? Especially one that has done nothing wrong in his life.

    "Of all the quests on the job board, did we really have to pick this one?"
    asked Gatos.

    Enigma knew that the job had been up on the board for about a week now. He also knew that the old man could die at any moment, with his wish not being fulfilled. In the kingdom where Enigma grew up, there was a legend that honorable warriors who died in battle would become demi-gods and live for all eternity alongside gods and legendary warriors in the mountain of life. The kingdom where the old man came from must have had a similar legend. And if was true, it would be a shame if he died outside of battle and never get to see his brothers and sisters who died fighting alongside him again. No matter how hard it seemed to be for him to take a life away, he had to do it. Otherwise, not only would the man die miserable, Sabertooth's reputation would get ruined if word were to get out that its members weren't able to complete a "simple" D-RANK job.

    "Yes, Gatos, it may seem like a horrible job, but we are this man's last hope. You wouldn't want to die in misery either, right?"

    Acceptance replaced the disappointment on Gatos' face. "You are right." he said.

    Enigma seemed glad that Gatos understood that the job wasn't all bad, and it had to be done. Gatos picked Enigma up and flew to the man's house.

    Enigma takes a deep breath, exhales, and knocks on the warrior's door. Shortly after, the door opens and the old warrior come out. He looked surprisingly young for his age and his clothing was more resembling to that of a king than that of a warrior. The only characteristics that indicated his old age were his huge white beard and white hair.

    "I, Ior Valiir, thank you for accepting my request. There aren't many wizards willing to take another mans life. Even if that man wishes for death." The warrior walks past Enigma and Gatos and tells them to follow him. The two follow him until they arrive at what seemed like an abandoned training ground.

    "We all used to train here together. I wish for this place to be where I let out my last breath."

    The warrior distanced himself from Enigma, turned around to face him and drew out his sword. Enigma took a fighting stance and prepared himself. He had a strong feeling that Ior wouldn't let himself be beaten that easily since it would be dishonorable. Enigma had to get serious in order to end it quick, without inflicting much pain, if possible.

    "FOR VALHALLAAAA!" The man shouted and charged towards Enigma. Once he got close enough he swung his axe horizontally. The attack would have probably dealt devastating damage in the warrior's prime, but now, at his age, it was relatively slow and weak. Enigma easily dodged the warrior's attack and delivered a powerful strike with his right fist. Ior reacted by protecting himself with his shield, which couldn't withstand the attack and broke. Enigma, not wasting a moment, quickly moved to the back of his opponent and delivered another extremely powerful blow directly to the warriors spine. The warrior spat blood out of his mouth and fell to his knees.

    "You have strength comparable to that of gods, you didn't even have to use your magic. A formidable opponent... I am glad I could die fighting someone like you, warrior. Thank you."

    Ior fell on his back and stared at the cloudy sky. He raised his hand, reaching for the sun, and a tear run down his eye. "Brothers...Sisters... I can finally see you again." He then smiled and slowly closed his eyes. His hand came down to the floor and Ior finally had his last breath. At that instant, sun beams penetrated the surrounding tree's leafs and branches and illuminated the fallen warrior. Ior's body lighted up and started to slowly fade into small light particles that headed towards the sapphire sky that was now clear of any clouds.

    "Wish you have a wonderful journey back home, old man." said Enigma with tears running down his face.


    Looks like afterlife might exist after all...


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