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    Visit the Village - levlidian + people = fire


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    Visit the Village - levlidian + people = fire Empty Visit the Village - levlidian + people = fire

    Post by Levlidian Thu 25 Apr - 11:06

    The trail to River Village had been a long, arduous one to which Levlidian had lacked the ability to become a fan of; at all. Still, his heavy boots plodded along whilst the male's arms draped ahead of himself, head hung low and red hair drifting in the gentle breeze- as exasperated as the young Wizard felt, faced with long trails of mud and endless rain.
    "I have to be there soon," he mumbled irritably only to look upwards, in his view, far into the distance lay a small village that, much to his relief, was precisely where he aimed to be. Levlidian ceased his ambling, swaying from side to side through sheer annoyance and drew back his shoulders, taking hold of each arm of his bag and off Lev' jogged at a gleeful pace. It had taken the Wizard not a few minutes before he moved into the Village and its humble opening. A slight in his lips pursed whilst he'd kiss his own teeth to the silence.

    "Well," Lev' mused and shifted his bag against his broad shoulders, onwards he pushed, running a hand across his mane in thought only to pause again; blinking idly to the skittering hooded figures. "uhhuh," that wasn't at all suspicious, he'd been hired as a form of defense against the advance of several rather nasty Wizarding sorts. However, stood on the stones before several abodes of the denizens, it was clear he may have been too late to arrive before they did.
    "Damnit," a man of few words indeed but he'd ditch the backpack into a bush, not really considering the possibility of thievery. The insidious nature of the magic he could feel, a coiling snake about his innards soon had the Slayer entering 'combat mode'. Nostrils flaring, amber eyes broad as his sprint lead him after this hooded foe. They were definitely a Dark Wizard, that amount of gross essence and terrible hygiene wouldn't belong to any other kind of man.

    "I shouldn't have stopped for the fuel up," he growled loudly, leaping a discarded selection of litter, placing one foot to the wall and grasping a drain to which he'd scale to the rooftop. Scrabbling along on the roof, the high ground gained, levlidian sought his target with vigor only pausing as the roof ended. There, in the square stood a large group. The pause was well earned, brow furrowing as the mass of bodies wove in and out of each other- to his over-sensitive ears came the cries of combat, the clash of magic and steel in the midst of the village.
    "Suddenly-," a crazed grin exposed on Lev's complexion while his eyes widen with enthusiasm.
    "-This town became my kind of place!" crashing his knuckles together and activating a spark of magic, the Dragonslayer bound from the rooftop and soared aboard crackling flames towards the
    horde of fighters. Hooded individuals, shrouded and flickering multiple spells for those combating them which appeared to be.

    "Villagers!" roared the excited lad dropping upon the two sides like a meteor from the heavens. Cries from either side burst as flames whipped about the stone floor, from the smoldering remnants of the arriving Wizard burst words of vigor.
    "Berserker Dragon Emperor's Roar!" and thus upon several of the hooded, Dark Wizards erupted a cone of molten flame. The thick plumes of dust and the cries of surprise were swept aside by the attack piercing the ranks of several Wizards whilst Levlidian clamped his jaws and stepped aside from the Villagers fighting. One of what appeared to be a leader, yet, he didn't look like the man he'd been sent to protect, furrowing his brow as the Hooded fellows began to regroup.
    "You the hired Wizard from Fairy Tail?" he barked, blade extended ready for the influx of combat, the Dragon Slayer didn't like the tone of the man's voice; it seemed more accusatory.
    "That's me, Levlidian," his brow sank further as did the Rune Knights, his jaw setting with a crack.
    "They attacked early-," he explained quickly just as whispers of spells began to creep across the square of the town. "The man you were to protect didn't make it- now we're trying to bring them,"
    "Say no more," Levlidian spat, now infuriated he'd failed at his work and flames engulfed his fists. "-I don't want to know," he darted across the stone for the hooded figures, a blazing fury in his eyes, thus delivering a savage headbutt to one such individual.

    The once sleepy Village was alive with combative cries, Levlidian darted between two such combatants for a time, deflecting magic where he may and striking with vigorous rage at any other. Enthralled by the lust of combat, sweeping his fist outwards in a curl whilst it was shielded by lightning by the other. With a growl of irritation, another fist flurried for the opponent to deflected with their heel whilst their palms struck the stone. With a careful cartwheel away, they weren't expecting levlidian, eyes dilated in irritation to be in their face, mere moments later.
    Thus drove a knee hard into their abdomen, as they doubled over, a blazing palm curled over Levlidian's head and he drove home another of his techniques, flooring the opponent. However, with a minor victory came minor complacency. Struck by Dark magic from behind, the Dragonslayer toppled onto all fours only to be wracked with the magic once again.

    Curses, the singular most painful magic he'd ever encountered thus far and upon those stones, levlidian writhed until the Wizard himself was knocked over by one of the Villagers. Fortunately, these were but C Rank Wizards, like Levlidian and he struggled to his feet; armored gloves clutching at the Slayer's wrist to help him.
    "Thanks," he grumbled and yanked his hand free in an arrogant display, The Villager male merely chuckled and patted his back. "Anytime,".

    Levlidian suddenly whirled about and took hold of his allies shoulder to vault, flames bursting at his heel to grant it's user a higher leap. Rotating himself, like a corkscrew, he came down on the attacking Wizard with a powerful heel. The sound of her head bouncing on the stone echoed through the courtyard. Power radiated behind the know standing Fairy and soon he was back to back with the same Wizard of the village who echoed with white light.

    "White magic eh?" mused the Dragonslayer and looked about his shoulder just in time to see his new Allie whisper to the winds, blades of the purest white erupted from nothingness and burst towards several attackers who were rendered immobile. Lifted from the ground, flung to the far wall of a building and held there.
    "Not all of us were raised by Dragons," the man joked and manage to coax a slight grin from Levlidian. Turning back to their charges, the pair dove into combat once again. To think, something so simple erupted from what had appeared to be a simple plan.

    It continued for several minutes, the to and flow of magic all about the Village, as harrowing as it had been for them, more than once, levlidian was cast aside by magic and beaten about. Giving as good as he got, it was no easy matter to deal with. Picking himself up again, Levlidian could feel that pain rolling through him again, aching muscles, bleeding wounds till finally, he rose onto his heels. Flexing the joints of his fingers, it gave time to the man to peer about and notice- they had everything in order now. The cries had died down, the air had stilled with its magical power and there they all stood gathered around huddling and arrested Wizards. This felt much like a bitter/sweet ending to the entire ordeal. The ending itself, was relatively easy and this annoyed the Slayer further, he had hoped for a greater battle- but more so he had hoped he would have performed far better than he had done, it just proved that he had much work to do.

    Levlidian gathered his bag from the bushes, he gazed back at the Villagers which gathered about him, each shook hands and discussed the unfortunate fall of one of the Majors. The Slayer kissed his teeth and looked away, avoiding the discussion of death at all, averting his eyes and answering with a simple "Mhm,". of course, this left a bad taste in many of their mouths, Lev' was hardly going to bother explaining his fear of the subject and overall insecurity. Grasping the hands of the three he fought beside, pointing at one such male as they jested and laughed. This was what he'd come for, comradery, combat, not responsibility. Thus, the Dragonslayer turned and began to walk away with a singular wave to those behind him and continued out of the Village into the wilds once again to return to Fairy Tail, the Rune Knights would likely appear at some point to take these dark wizards into custody- he really didn't want to be around for that one.


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