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    Enigma's Bank


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    Enigma's Bank Empty Enigma's Bank

    Post by Enigma 24th April 2019, 7:35 am

    Enigma's Bank 6WhmWvm

    Enigma's Bank S6feAA7
    Dual Seraphs:

    Enigma's Bank FUrspI7

    These revolvers allow Enigma to use his flames, instead of bullets, to fire at enemies far away. The ammunition ends only when Enigma is out of MP.

    Enigma's Bank RX53QOq

    Enigma's Bank 0tv7QUW
    Iron Ring of Vitality:
    Name: Iron Ring of Vitality
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Item; Ring
    Description: An iron ring with ancient writings on it.

    • Heath Buff (Passive) : 25% passive buff to HP.

    Coral Amulet of Vitality:
    Name: Coral Amulet of Vitality
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Item; Amulet
    Description: An amulet with a magical red coral.

    • Heath Buff (Passive) : 25% passive buff to HP.

    Fotia's Leather Bracelet:
    Name: Fotia's Leather Bracelet
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Item; Bracelet
    Description: A bracelet formally owned by the demi-god "Fotia".

    • Fire Damage Buff: A low level charm that grants the user 40% increased fire damage.

    Enigma's Bank HtbzeKZ
    D - Planting Seeds:

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    Enigma's Bank IrJ1Grf


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