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    Motor City Rush


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    Motor City Rush Empty Motor City Rush

    Post by Sabriel 23rd April 2019, 11:18 am

    There was a time where being in control of a large vehicle would have absolutely petrified her but Leliana was at last reaching the point where she was unafraid to take challenges on. No, she was by no means the bold, have a go at anything hero but slowly but surely, she was coming in to her own. Today was not a job as such but more of a test of her determination and control. She had never thought much about driving a car but her interest was piqued a little bit so she had decided to try it out for herself. The girl had studied the materials given to her and had done pretty well on the theory but it was the practical part that she was nervous about. Being in a car that was not hers with someone she had never met was probably more nerve wrecking than the actual test for her. Curse her awkwardness and curse her family who had caused her to be this way. She tried so hard to remember her mother's words but it was difficult to keep the negative thoughts from coming in to her mind. She just hoped that today would be a good day, keeping her run of them going.

    Sitting in the car, she waited patiently for her instructor and after about five minutes or so, an elderly lady took a seat next to her and they were off. The test was a simple set of instructions that she had to follow to the letter, before a brief run around the town to see how she could handle a real life situation. The first part was all right and she was able to quite easily handle things but the second half was a little more daunting. Being on the road with other people was a nightmare for her nerves and she was tentative when it came to handling roundabouts and areas like that. She struggled to be commanding when she needed to and was rather passive. The elderly lady, however, did not seem too unhappy about it and was in fact smiling at her for the majority of the test, occasionally making notes.

    After about an hour, the two returned to the depot, thankfully with the car still in one piece. Leliana did not utter a word and looked absolutely sick to her stomach. The whole ordeal had been terrifying, while the old woman had simply smiled.

    ""Well done Leliana, you passed with flying colours," the old girl said, "You were very timid out there but you did not a put a foot wrong. Congratulations. Now, if you would follow me inside, I can deal with issuing you with a licence."

    Unable to say a word, the mage simply clambered out of the car and followed the woman in, looking even paler than usual and wanting to climb in to the deepest hole she could find. The fact that she had passed had not even registered yet and it was only after another hour or so that she finally seemed to realise, as she left the depot with a brand new licence in her hand. It had been torture, absolute mental torture.

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